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Roosh Calls Out WNs

New article up at Roosh’s, on why white men are afraid of black men stealing their women:

Roosh, the leader/alpha male, has banned me from commenting.  A few WNs have managed to get through, I’m happy to report.  There are some good comments from WNs who are unknown to me, a statement of how large we have grown.

Learning PU has become a necessity.  Feminism has been an issue in WN ever since the beginning; Rockwell and Pierce talked about it.  It is not a matter of competing against niggers like VK or camel jockeys like Roosh – his competition is nothing but “muh dick” game.  PU and the MRM became necessary with the planned destruction of the white family.  I hope all WNs male and female take the time to learn the basics of PU for their own profit, and for all of us.

The major issues for a WN to master today are interracial violence, immigration, jewry, HBD, PU, the MRM, and mixing.  Once one has learned of those issues, the real work begins: making ourselves stronger, smarter, more determined and fanatical.  Take you can, learn, but never forget that this is about us.  White nationalism at the highest levels focuses entirely on the Aryan race, the how.  The rest is just the why.

This post of Roosh’s gives a glimpse of how an affirmative action, minority PUA views WN horning in on his territory, PU.  If interested, take a look at this thread.  You may judge for yourself the progress we are making, and the fear that white racial consciousness strikes into the vibrants.


The Future of the MRM and WN

March 12, 2012 6 comments

The MRM is up in arms now that they too has been branded as a hate group.  I’d like to explore the future of that movement from our POV.

In response to their branding, the MRM is going to try to purge itself of all “extremist” elements.  In time, it will disavow WN.  It will disavow survivalism and conspiracy theories like the Federal Reverse, 9/11 and so on.  This is because at the heart, the MRM is a conservative movement.

The modern conservative is obsessed with staying respectable.  They cannot bear to be called racist, bigot or hater.  As all WNs should know, the conservative talks much and acts little.  The explains his weakness against the left, which is only concerned with victory and results.

The greatest challenge we face today as WNs is not external. Our task is to find out who the friends of the white race are. There is no need to convince our enemies of anything.  Every other race, including the jews, will back their own when it goes down to the mat.  Many whites will not do this and will betray their race very cheaply.

I would estimate that slightly less than half of the MRM is racial realist and about five percent is WN.  When ZOG turns up the heat and it will, most of the MRM will turn on us.  Very few of the racial realists will stay with us but most of the WNs will remain.

Our interest in the MRM and PU is in improving the masculinity and vigor of white men.  Getting laid more and injustice in the legal system are secondary.  Most WNs are aware of the problems of feminism and we will create our own solution.  Single issue movements are too narrowly focused to be successful.  I should like it if every WN man and woman knew about the MRM and PU, extracted the main lessons and then abandoned them.

For even if the MRM should attain its goals, there is still third world immigration, interracial violence, the jews and Israel.  Thus, men’s rights make up but a very small portion of WN.  We have the harder task, the rebuilding of a nation and a culture.  Next to this, PU and the MRM are as playthings and I am confident that any WN could moderate his stance and become a leader in the MRM with ease.

Peak diversity and peak PC have come and gone in the US.   There will be slight easing every year from now on when speaking with ordinary people.  However, that does not mean letting up or taking it easy.  Other non-traditional groups like the sovereign citizens, oath keepers and MRM will be getting a loving dose of Big Mother’s care, while ZOG  slowly turns up the heat on racists.  The only group explicitly working for whites is us.  Others have their fight, we have ours.

George Lincoln Rockwell Comics

January 12, 2012 13 comments

I came across some gold recently. This gold was in the form of comics created by George Lincoln Rockwell, famous White nationalist and pioneer of the American National Socialist movement.

Aryanman Battles the Bestial Hordes of Juda:



Here Comes Whiteman:



White Power comes to Midvale:

Rote Memorization

December 24, 2011 5 comments

…is the most powerful learning technique in the world.  Whether you know it or not, you use it everyday.  At one time, the letters, which form words, which from sentances, which form ideas of this and every article was unknown to you.  Every child is taught language from the bottom up in this fashion.  Endless repetition of these skills has brought you to the point you are today, where reading is effortless.  There are many places  in the world, even today, where this is not the case.

Reading, writing and arthimetic are taught in this manner.  It is no coicidence that these skills are retained the longest.  When a man’s death is upon him, his body broken, his mind wasted, he will still be able to speak and to write.

Success layers upon success, like a wedding cake.  The higher a person’s level of education, the higher the level of information that has been “grandfathered” in.  The level of knowledge that may be assumed is a good indicator of what level a man is operating at.  At universities, it’s assumed that the knowledge of high school has been masted.  In graduate school, the knowledge of the undergraduate degree is assumed.  And so on; there are many examples of this, at this site we have assumed that all of our readers know about interracial crime, immigration, and the Jews.

The key to knowledge is endless repetition.  In any person’s day there is sure to be marshmallow time; time when one is idle or forced to wait, at the checkout line for intance.  That is a good time to practice your area.  It could be walking from place to place.  A very good thing for a chemist to memorize is the periodic table.  He should have a picture of it in his mind.  With this simple table, one may derive nearly everything else one might wish to know.  There are only 118 elements.  My technique was to name an element for every step as I walked somewhere: Hydrogen, (step), Helium, (step), Lithium, etc.

There are an infinite number of examples where this technique can be used.  In card counting it is very important indeed!  If you are wrong, you lose money, which is a great incentive.  Card counting is built upon a sequence: mastering basic strategy, learning card values, keeping a running count, playing variations, and finally bet variations.  Every level is built upon the previous level.  It must become so easy that it’s like breathing or walking, instinctual.

The military and the police use this method as well.  Speed, surprise, superiority, simplicity, safety.  They use it in their movement and firing drills.  It is the method of kings; things like insight and understanding depend upon having a very firm base.

White nationalism is moving in the direction of white communities and training superior men.  If we are going to claim the title, we must become worthy of being the master race, the most supreme.  The method of rote memorization can take us quite far in that direction.  We must become more than human and we must operate at a higher level.  The true white supremecist must put himself throught the fires to purify himself and eliminate the dross.  I found this quote on another nationist site and it does a great job of summarizing modern WN:

“The mind is my primary weapon, so I keep it sharp. The body is my temple, so I keep it strong. The soul is my essence, so I keep it pure.”

Gun Culture and White Nationalism

December 12, 2011 7 comments

I’ve already mentioned how necessary it is for whites to have a strong gun and military culture.  The foundation of any state is good arms and good laws.  In the US, our legal system is a joke and gun rights are trending downwards, portending the decline of freedom and the rise of an oppressive police state.  This is one of those large scale indicators like racial composition that we may use to make predictions.

The modern ZOG police state on the macro-level is a direct result of our population being gradually disarmed.  More and more weapons have been outlawed, to ensure that the police are better armed than the populace.  Naturally, their esteem for the people decreases.  What do would you think of a man who can’t fight back and allows himself to be bullied?  Public relations aside, the tag “civilian” is a very low title and I am sure that many military and police would express their distain for them if allowed.

You can’t outsource the responsibility to police the state.  Cops and the government should not be the only people invested in wider society.  There’s this feeling of “not my business” or “let the police handle it” today.   Any society has a constant or fixed amount of authority and interest.  We may either centralize it as is the case now or distribute it among the population.  Fixing it leads to a police state and distributing it leads to liberty.  Of course, there may be such a thing as a benevolent police state or a decadent freedom.

It says alot when as a whole, we cannot trust our fellows with guns.  It indicates a lack of trust in them, in their judgement and in their self control.  A well armed society must be a more civil and mannered one – because if someone is rude or uncouth, they both have guns.  That is true equality.  If good men have arms, there is nothing to fear.   If there are not good men and that can’t be trusted with a gun, how can you trust them with anything else?  This is exactly where we are in the US.

It is the citizenry that ensures the security of the state.  Every cop will admit that if only 1% of the people were criminals, that there would be no law and order.   My town has 1 cop per 1000 people.  Even if we tallied every soldier, FBI agent, NSA analyst, cop and support tech, the ratio of enforcement to population would not exceed 1 enforcer to 100 Americans.  You must have faith and trust in your populace. If one does not, eventually one must come to regard them as cash cows or walking votes, to be milked every election cycle then set to pasture.  The actions of politicians reflect this – they pander to every special need when up for election and afterward do as they wish.

An explicitly white community will demand more from its citizens, not less.  There is a cost to autonomy and to freedom which cannot be passed on.  Even though WN has left the militia movement and has progressed to community building, we must remember the responsibilities of the citizen and the individual investment in society.  This is part of being a whole, working on a team, and it’s a skill that must be relearned.

Rethinking the Echo Chamber

December 1, 2011 6 comments

I’d like to write a little bit about “the echo chamber” or when a site is full of supporters and no dissenters.  There’s a perception that it is good to include people of all opinions, of all creeds and all colors.  In short, that one should not discriminate.

The most important aspect of white nationalism is mind war and in this particular case, morale.  We only count our friends.  If we spent time counting all of our enemies and trying to convince them of our cause, we would never get anywhere.  I believe that argument and rationality only goes so far in this way; it takes a certain emotional attachment to one’s race to truly be committed.

Our critics often point out that our forums and sites are echo chambers.  This is true in the same way that churches are full of the faithful, that football stadiums are full of football fans and that schools are full of those who wish to learn.  One of the big principles that WNs discuss is being surrounded by men who are similar in character, race, and culture.   It is natural to want to be around people who resemble oneself.

Of course, we understand why they would like WN areas to be full of chaos and tumult.  Like obsessing over the white part in our current troubles, it would greatly help our enemies.  The more time we spend arguing with them, the less we actually get done in the real world.

Everyone seems to understand this necessity in the police force and in the military.  Morale is of the highest importance.  A soldier or cop who does not believe that he is doing right, who questions orders and who is constantly pessimistic will not long last, nor should he.  Yet somehow, this virtue is forgotten when taken outside of these areas.

I encourage all white writers to adopt a similar policy, provided they see the utility of it.  Let’s make the enemy work for his gains and not waste our time trying to change the unchangeable.  It’s our friends that matter, it is other WNs that matter.  There is a slow trickle of whites who question the multicultural agenda and who are willing to hear our message; it’s fairly clear when a man is sincere about learning or not.  The others are tire kickers at best and are consciously wasting our time at worst.

Specialization, Blogging and Publishing Scientific Papers

November 18, 2011 1 comment

As I hope to convince you, all three are very much the same thing.  I’ve used to be surprised to see that Welmer or Ferdinand had 700 blog posts total.  This is analogous to looking up a scientist’s CV and seeing 300 papers!  Wow!

But let’s hold our horses a bit.  Just like blogging, science demands regularity; publish or perish is also true in the blogging world.  One must post regularly or the audience is lost.  Similarly in science, one must keep writing papers, doing research, or one will be forgotten and left behind.  Most labs that I follow publish a paper every 2 – 3 months, for about 6 a year.

It seems that some of our readers disagree with specialization in people and particular, in scientists.  My response is that everyone specializes.  In white nationalism, we have different specialists: Unamused reports black crime and statistics, Paul Kersey covers black crime and sports, Steve Sailor and OneSTDV cover pop culture issues and so on.  But no one does it all, indeed, no one can do it all properly.

Everything today is about creating a niche, a small area and mastering that area.  Let’s take a look at a list of papers written by a famous scientist.  This will help prove the point.  A list of a few papers follows; I generally don’t like long lists, but this is important.  I’ll just include the titles.  The pattern should be obvious.  Let’s choose Steven Hawking:

Breakdown of predictability in gravitational collapse

Singularities of gravitational collapse and cosmology

Path integral derivation of black hole radiance

Black holes in General Relativity

Black holes and thermodynamics

Quantum state of the universe

Chronology protection conjecture

Unpredictability of quantum gravity

The nature of space and time

Gravitational radiation from colliding black holes

The gravitational Hamiltonian, action, entropy and surface terms

Path integrals and the indefiniteness of the gravitational action

Wormholes in spacetime

Euclidean space-time geometry

Clearly, Stephen Hawking made his name in science by working on large-scale problems dealing with gravity, especially black holes.  This is how he makes his living, this is that one little topic that he is the best at in the whole world.  He is also known for his series of basic science on the universe, but this is written at a level far below most of his real work.  Probably any scientist with the will could put similar information to the public; Dawkins does this in biology.

There is a tremendous amount of information in the world today.  Most of the scientists who have ever lived are alive right now, and there are more people on the planet today than there have ever been in all of history.  A scientist and a blogger needs to contribute something unique to the world; they must increase the sum of human knowledge.  To do this, one must find a narrow topic and read all the relevant books and articles.  The more narrow the topic, the less data will be available.  Then one simply sets one’s mind to the task and starts answering questions.  There are an infinite variety of areas to choose from.

In conclusion, I am certainly aware that specialization does not make for a very interesting human being.  So it seems that we have a conflict between the way things should be and what one has to do to make a living and to differentiate oneself from others, gaining a competitive advantage.  Additionally, there is an optimal “size” of the world one chooses to concern oneself with – describing this is difficult.  I urge all budding scientists, knowledge workers, and bloggers to absolutely master an area and only afterwards to expand and branch out, if necessary.  But having a firm footing, your own little fiefdom is key to start with.

On Love and Hate

November 13, 2011 2 comments

A brief perusal of modern media will give one a strong impression of what the mainstream characterisation of love and hate are. One must ask himself “How has the nature  of love and hate changed, and why has it changed?”

Along with most of the notions and perspectives that modern Western societies cling to haplessly, the idea of love has been holistically submerged and consumed by its unadulterated and unmoderated feminine form. The modern definition of love is characterised with a feminine sensitivity and sensuality, and the output is more the product of unrestrained emotionality and unhealthy attachment rather than what would come of being in a healthy and rational society. We can observe the impact of the unrestricted maternal-instinct on the mind simply by looking at the children of single mothers.

What love really is is a strong bond and respect for some one or some thing- your people, your family, your kin- that is established with definitive limits and boundaries as dictated and watched over by the more paternalist sensibilities of the society. The real man is prepared to sacrifice his love for someone if it is contravened by and something stronger and more endemically important; his pride, his honour, his loyalty. A higher duty always exists within the mind of the true man. Idealism, loyalty, steadfastness and defiance.

But with the usurpation of the unrestrained feminine instinct of “love”, what we are left with is a hollow, Oxycontin-fueled love that softens and fattens up the enervated soul. Even men fall victim to this “modern” tendency to bow to indulgent emotionality as an end-unto-itself. Without any masculine paternalism guiding and restricting this female tendency, danger always looms near, and self-destruction is an inevitable part of the flow.

The society that foists upon its young morality that embraces unconditional love and decadent emotionality will produce spoiled and decadent people. The modern family man is an especially relevant example to observe; restricted and pinned down by the teaching and receipt of feminine love, the modern husband and father is an unwitting slave; led astray by the declining society that promised him American dreams and exponential wealth was instead force-fed compromised restraint and enforced passivity and submission.

In line with Judeo-promoted culturally Marxist/Gramscian critical theorising, hate and aggression from a White man is perceived as evil-no matter the conditions that produce or lead to it, or the biology that necessitates it. A White man who wants to stand up for his race is thus branded a “Hater”. A healthy individual cannot love without hating, hating that that would destroy and defile him, or that which he holds dearest. In a rational mind, hate is a healthy, evolutionary-sound response to encountering someone or something that wants to do your or your’s harm; You loath the being that wishes ill upon you, and strive to cause its extinction or subjugation.

We can also levy a hefty allotment of  blame to the once-prevailing Christian moral system.  The echoing ethos’ personified in the Sermon of the Mount, preaching such gems as “love thy enemy” and “turn the other cheek” was, by design, engineered to produce a kind of unconditional universalism in its adherents that make them easy and docile to rule over. Creating a virtue of meekness and subservience and made our people intoxicated with willful submission, essentially unable to decipher the true nature of things, of humanity especially. A large proportion of the modern churches are especially female-run or female-centric, with unrestrained maternality juxtaposed with modern value-maximising, feminist sluttiness posing as the height of spiritual purity and moral authority, with a mass of morally subverted and psychologically depleted males looking on in accepting confusion. A PUA’s dream.

As Whites devoted to empowering and defending our people, we must take heed of this warning. Those of us that unwittingly buy into the logic of today have embraced an ultimately, effeminate and subservient worldview. The failing in this perspective is that it cannot and will not build strong White men nor a strong White society, and it renders you at a crippling disadvantage.

Adherence to this modern view will instead lead you to the mercy of those that cannot or will not serve your best interests, and recruit your own decimation, spiritually, physically, totally.

The choice is yours.

Why We Don’t Focus On White Wrongdoing

November 11, 2011 11 comments

I’ve noticed on sites not occupied by WNs that a common criticism of us is we do not attack the WASPs, the middle class, and poor whites nearly enough.  We seem to focus exclusively on the blacks, mexicans, and especially the jews.

There is a very good reason why we do not and should not publicly hound whites just yet.  As a whole, the white race right now is on the ropes.  From birth, children are forced into diverse classrooms, they hear the multicultural agenda at church, school, and on TV.   They are saturated with the message that to be white is a very bad thing from the cradle  until the grave.

If a man is feeling down and suicidal, we usually would not try to hurt or depress him more.  The entire white race seems to be in this funk, and it is not proper at this point to try to save the patient by tough love.  Later, when he has recovered a bit and is oversure of himself this approach may be more fruitful.

I can certainly understand why our enemies would like us to trouble whites more.  It makes their job of gaining our submission and demoralization much easier.  Of course, we all know what the crimes of the white race have been: with the WASPs it has been love of money, selfishness and individualism, with the middle classes more of the same and with the working classes it has been largely whiggerism and mixing.

The goal of white nationalism in early stages is to develop a sense of racial identity, some racial pride and a willingness to make some personal changes.  At this stage, it is not profitable to be exposed to shades of grey.  I would even be bold to say that at the highest levels, we must believe in a sort of doublethink: we must have the absolute fanaticism that what we do is right and just but also to know that we are fallible and to possess an ability to learn from our mistakes.  It requires a certain intellectual gymnastics, a mental plasticity.  But you surely don’t give up ground to the enemy without a good reason.

One of the main lessons I learned from Saul Arlinsky’s Rules for Radicals is that to take action, one must be 100% convinced – not 95% or 99%.  Total conviction.  You don’t achieve 100% belief by making concessions to the enemy.  I think that the most capable of our race will understand doublethink and how to use fanaticism and pride as weapons.

So that’s that.  We refrain from attacking other whites because at this point it helps our enemies more than it helps us.  Later when there more racial awareness and our numbers are greater, it may be needful to screen for loyalty and ideology.  This is when we would go focus on going through the white population, separating the wheat from the chaff.  Not before.

“White Supremecists Are Not Human”

October 30, 2011 6 comments

A bit of humor today.  I was on yahoo and found a story about a reformed skinhead and the touching story describing how he was determined to remove his tattoos:

ZOG’s media shills really wrote a great article.  I almost felt like clapping after I was done reading it.  They go through how the man felt like a failure, he was shunned by everyone.  He felt shame and revulsion.  It seems that he ran to the One People Project and finally to the belly of the beast, the SPLC.

As you might imagine, the article is chock full of the ex-skinhead’s trials:

“Widner had never felt such pain. Not all the times he had suffered black eyes and lost teeth in bar brawls, not the time in jail when guards — for fun — locked him up with a group of black inmates in order to see him taken down. His face swelled up in a burning rage, his eyes were black and puffy, his hands looked like blistered boxing gloves. He had never felt so helpless or so miserable.  “I was real whiny during that time,” he says.”

He was also filmed:

“The cameras didn’t spare the details, capturing Widner writhing and moaning in agony. Widner didn’t care. If anything he felt that he deserved the pain and the public humiliation as a kind of penance for all the hurt he had caused over the years.”

This is exactly the reason why I don’t believe in protests or mass organization of any sort for modern white nationalists.  We are not sympathetic creatures.  As you can see above and in the comments, there’s no pity for this guy.  In fact, they delight in his pain.  They paint it as if the worst possible thing a man could do in his life is be a racist.  Of other gangs, La Raza, flash mobs, other forms of hate – nothing.

WN gets stronger in the shadows.  We can’t operate openly anymore.  A few will come to us of their own accord because the contradictions of multiculturalism are overwhelming and by learning from the experience of others.  The majority of people will come to us because something bad has happened to them – an assault, a robbery, bullying, rape and so on.  The two solutions I see right now are forming our own virtual/real communities, and becoming the new elite of our age.  The focus of this site is the later, and we hope to convince whites who are racially aware to become the best they can be.




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