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Chemistry 1A Part Deux: Lecture 16 Notes


Today is a 50 minute lecture on equilibrium.   There’s alot of good information in this one.  I may watch this one twice. 


The equilibrium constant K is the same for a specific reaction, regardless of the initial conditions.

Acid Base Indicators

Dissolve solid indicators.

HIn + H2o = H+ + In-

Indicator              HIn           In-        Solution Color                  Ka

Methyl organge       Red     Yelllow        Yellow                  0.00034

Bromothymol blue    Yellow    Blue       Green                0.000000079

Alizarin yellow          Yellow       Red        Yellow           0.00000000001

HA = H+ + A-           Ka

A-    +  H2O = HA + OH-       Kb

pH = pK when [HIn] = [In].

Indicator Color Change

Methyl organge = 3.2 -4.4.  14 minutes in.

Controlling H+ Independently

HIn = H+ + In0

Add HIn to water

Add HIn to HCl

Le Chatelier’s Principle

A system in equibrium subjected to a stress will react in a direction that tends to reduce the stress.

Cabbage Juice Indicator

…is made up of anthocyanin and anthoxanthin.

Colorful Cations

Transition metal cations form colorful polyatomic ions in aqueous solutions.

Polyatomic Ion Equilbrium

Pure liquids and solids don’t appear in equilibrium expressions.


Atmosphere: D, E, F1, F2

LEO the lion goes GER


Tissues: connective, epithelial, nervous, muscular

G = H – TS

PV = nRT

K = products/reactant

ILS – Illiocoastalis, longissimus, spinalis

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