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Chemistry 1A Part Deux: Lecture 27 Notes


Today’s lecture is a 52 minute jobber on the relationship between K and G.


Position of the equilibrium of a reaction depends upon the magnitude and sign of reaction enthalpy and entropy.

dGo relates to the equilibrium constant.

dG is at any set of conditions.

The more favorable a reaction, the greater the equilibrium constant.

G = lnK

dGo rxn = -RT ln K

2Mg + CO2 =2 MgO + C

Another experiment: she pours magnesium onto dry ice.  The reaction glows.

Fire extinguishers have CO2.  Don’t use CO2 fire extinguishers for metal fires, or you will cause them to burn hotter.

KClO4 = K+ + ClO4-  dGo = + 11  Reactant favored

NaF = Na+ + F- dGo = 0                 At equilibrium

NaCl = Na+ + Cl- dGo = -9             Product favored

Whichsalt is insoluble in pure water?

Standard conditions are 1 molar.  You’d like to have only the solid, which is insoluble in water.   Positive dG means something will precipitate out.  All dissolve.  dGo defines the K and whether it will go this way or that.

dGo  rxn measures the difference between the free energies of the reactants and products when all components of the reactions are present at standard state conditions of 1atm and 1M.

Non Standard Conditions

dG = dGo + RT ln Q

dG =-RTln K + RT ln Q = -RTln K/Q

Drying clothes is a continuous attempt to reach equilibrium.

H2o (l) = H2O (g)

N2O4 = 2NO2

The smog reaction goes from colorless to red.


PV = nRT

dGo rxn = -RT ln K

Parts of the Brain: frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal

CTL SC – 12 7 554

G = H – TS

IGL: random motion, elasitc collisions, point sources, high temperature, low pressure

Bones: long, flat, short, irregular

Atmophere: DEF1F2

SALUTE: size activity location unit time equipment



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