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Chemistry 1A Part Deux: Lecture 32 Notes


Today is a 49 minute lecture on light.  This is a very easy introduction if you’ve read the subject before.  You may wish to skip this lecture, or give it half your attention.


Energy associated with the movement of electrons can be converted into light.

Light reflects, is different colors, speed, straight paths, intensity, energy.

Energy of motion: kinetic energy

Energy of large object in motion: mechanical

Energy of random motion – thermal

energy of chemical energy – making breaking bonds

Separation and recombination of charges: electrical energy

energy of motion: kinetic energy

potential for motion: Potential Energy

Light is both a particle and a wave.

c = velocity = wv = wavelength x velocity

Radio transmitters induce electrical movement in the receiving antenna.

Hole in the screen experiment.  If the hole is small enough, a diffraction pattern will show.

Intensity of light energy refers to amplitude.  In a particle model, intensity is a function of number of particles.  WIght light is a mix of all colors.

Blackbody radiation

If an object is 2000 K, the relative intensity is 10^12 and the color is orangish-red

If an object is 5000K, the relative intensity is 10^13 and the color is white

If an object is 10000K, the relative intensity is 10^14 and the color is pale blue.

They had a very nice applet they linked to.  This one’s a keeper:



SALUTE size activity location unit time equipment

Electronegativity: NOF Cl Kr

G = H-TS

dE = dEo – .6/n * ln Q

PV = nRT

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