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Bonus Lecture: Principles of Chemical Science Lecture 32 Notes


This is a 47 minute lecture on reaction kinetics.  Once again, they do not ever film the slides, the camera only follows the woman.


Radioactive decay is a first order process.  It is independent of the concentration.

d nuclei/d time = decay constant x nuclei

activity = k nuclei

Ugh.  She goes into a feminist spiel at 10 minutes in.

At 21 minutes in, she starts talking about Allen Davidson who invented a jazzy new radioactive marker.  It had technetium and CN ligands on it.  This is used in cancer imaging.  It is not harmful, not in the system for long, shows up well on scans.  This was something even college freshmen could have made.  It made MIT and the inventor alot of money, and the department misses having the money around.

The rest of the lecture was frustrated by lack of slides.  It’s all on kinetics.


G = H-TS

PV = nRT

Lewis acids accept, lewis bases donate electrons.

s 2, p 6, d 10, f 14

LEO goes GER


IGL: high temp, low pressure, point source, random motion, elastic collisions

SALUTE size activity location unit time equipment

METT TC mission enemy troops terrain time civilians

Computational Chemistry: Hartree Fock, DFT, Semi Empirical, Molecular Mechanics

Comparative Genomics: Sequence alignment, Coalescent Theory, Phylogenetics

Tissue: epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous

Bone: flat, long, short, irregular

SN = 2 Linear 180 degrees

SN=3  Trigonal Planar  120 degrees

SN = 4 Tetrahedral 109.5 degrees

SN=5 Trigonal Bipyramidal 90 degrees

SN = 6 Octahedral

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