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Chemist Alexander Shulgin and MDMA

I found a great documentary on chemists who “break bad.”  Any drug on the street or on the shelf has been made by a chemist of some sort.  This docu is on the “discoverer” of the drug MDMA.


There is alot of discussion on consciousness and psychedelic drugs in this movie.  What’s interesting for us is his method.  Shulgin was given carte blanche by Dow Chemical when he was producing new molecules that sold.  Eventually this changed.

After he began dabbling in psychedelics, he became a pariah in the chemistry community and had to keep his own lab.  Though it is ugly and untidy, I would bet his lab is more productive than many cleaner and larger industrial/government labs.

This movie is an interesting portrayal of one of the best chemists of the last century.  Genius has its own ideas.  The lesson is: don’t be afraid to do things your own way.

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