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Improving Your WN

I think it’s time to let out the secret.  We all know the 5 pillars of modern WN – IR violence, immigration, jewry, mixing, and feminism.  Where do you go afterward?

In terms of pure WN sites there are very few options.  I know of only a handful of WN sites devoted to training, studying and prepping.  The answer is survivalism.

WN gives us the why.  Survivalism gives us the how.  Without action, all this writing and reading is worthless entertainment.  The survivalists buy junk silver, build their own retreats, form communities, learn to shoot, buy weapons, study tactics, grow their own food, and so on.  There is no finer group online to be around.

Survivalists are a mixed bag.  They are in general vaguely pro-white, but not explicitly so. In addition, most preppers are white.   At least a minority of them are WNs but they do not focus on it so much.  I don’t see much profit in trying to sell them on WN.

There are a huge number of survivalist sites out there.  As the permanent depression deepens, they will proliferate.    If you tire of news and jews and want to do something that will profit you, don’t be afraid to look at survivalism.  This is the unofficial “action” branch of WN.


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