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Zounds! More Leftist Trickery!

We covered “swatting” for you.  That’s where a man spoofs your phone number and makes a call to the cop shop imitating you.  The guy claims he just shot his wife or something similar, and ZOG sends out the swat crew complete with ninja outfits to your house.

There’s a new trick.  A “friend” calls the cop shop and says that he is concerned about you.  A policeman calls you and asks how you are feeling.  A second cop calls who is at your doorstep and you may be taken away for a psychological evaluation.


Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t know.  Don’t answer the door for people you don’t know, including pigs.

Chapter 10 of this book has 15 pages on your home, which ought to be your castle.


What are the five words?  “I have nothing to say.”  The police are not your friend!  You don’t consent to searches.  You don’t answer questions without an attorney present.  Remember these things for when you’ll need them.

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