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Introduction To Human Anatomy Lecture 25 Notes: Orally Active Drugs


Today is a 47 minute lecture on orally active drugs.


Orally Active General Sympathomimetics (Non Catecholamine/orally active.)

Prototype: ephedrine

Raises BP, heart rate, insomnia…

Agonist for all adrenegic receptor sites

bronchodialator, decongestant, CNS stimulant

PK: can be given orally, tolerance develops over time.

Herbal fen phen =  ephedra + caffeine = reduced appetite.

Other Ephedrine Like Sympathomimetics

pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)

isomer of ephedrine but less potent

used as bronchodialator/decongestant

phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

Most antihistamines cause drowsiness.


very strong CNS stimulation, treat mental depression, increase self confidence.

Treat nacrolepsy, ADHD, appetite suppressent

Class 2 drugs – highly regulated, like heroin

Sides include insomnia, tremors, agitation

qd = once a day

Adderall = amphetamine + dexadrine

Sympatholytic Drugs/ Adrenergic Blockers

During stress, you won’t see the sympathetic response.

Used to treat hypertenstion

May cause postural hypotension

Beta Adrenergic Blockers


Blocks beta sites

Decrease stress induced angina pectoris, pain in left shoulder

causes rest and digest state, CNS depression, fatigue

Other Beta Blockers

Longer duration, less CNS depression, terminated by renal excretion

Beta 1 Blockers


only blocks beta 1 sites

less bronchodialation

less CNS depression

renal excretion

Agonists activate

Phentolamin Mesylate

Epinephrine is in lidacaine to dilate blood vessels.  But a diabetic cannot go for long without eating.  An andrenergic blocker would block epinephrine.  OraVerse does this, reversing the anesthetic.


Atmospheric layers: D E F1 F2

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