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Introduction to Human Anatomy Lecture 36 Notes: Cardiovascular System


We’ll move on to a brief cardiovascular series with this 59 minute jobber.


Systole is when the ventricles contract; diastole is when ventricles relax

The action of the heart may divided into 4 phases.  First is the diastole filling phase.

4 Valves in the Heart: Atrioventricular/Inlet valves, pulmonary and aortic valve (semilunar valves).  The semilunar valves are the outlet valves.

Tension then shortening – how muscles work.  Isometric phase comes first, then the isotonic phase.

***The heart is the most important part of the body for nurses and doctors.  The brain is a distant second.  Study accordingly, at least Ratfink says this.***

Problems can be rheumatic heart disease is an autoimmune disease.  congenital diseases are genetic in nature.

Stenotic valves are insufficient.  Heart valves assure that the correct sequence is followed.  It opens but doesn’t shut.

Osclotation is to diagnose by listening.

Mitrial valve is the left AV or bicuspet valve.  He keeps harping on knowing heart anatomy.

The right and left coronary arteries come off the aorta.  Aerobic exercise increases size and vascularity of the heart.

The heart is most prone to eschemia or lack of oxygen.  The heart receives blood intermittantly.  At contraction, blood is squeezed out of it.  The heart needs alot of blood but it only gets it sporadically.

dAV o2 – change in artery/venous oxygen differential.  The heart removes 70% of the oxygen as the blood flows throught it – this is the most of any organ.

Cholesterol, fat and calcium can build up in the coronary arteries.  Pain may manifest itself in the left shoulder and left arm.

A stent is like a teflon cage that keeps the wall of the artery expanded.

When you cut a blood vessel, blood platelets or thrombocytes are made in the bone marrow.  The attach or aggregate at rough surfaces.  A platelet plug is formed.  PF or platelet factor is release, a fibrin clot is made.  Looks like a spider web; it exists to prevent us from bleeding out.

During repair, TPA or tissue plasminogen activator  is used to dissolve blood clots.

CAD or coronary artery disease.   Infarction is when a tissue ties.  MI is myocardial infarction.  TPA is given after heart attacks to dissolve the clot.  The muscle will recover if TPA is administered within 12 minutes.


Scorpions: the larger the claws the less they sting, the smaller the claws the more they sting

Arteries carry oxygenated blood; veins carry deoxygenated blood

alkane 50 alkene 43 hydride 42 amine 38 alkyne 25 ketone/ester 22

water 15.7 alcohol 17 phenol/ammonium 10, HF 3.2 HCl -6 HBr -9 HI -10 H2SO4 -3

Strong Acids have pKa < -2

The Big Four: PT, Marksmanship, Battle Drills, Medical Training, Mobility

SPLC staffing probabilities logistics contingencies

Radiation: alpha, beta, gamma

Alpha emitters: polonium, radon, radium

2 meter bands (137mhz to 174mhz), the 6 meter band (400 mhz to 470mhz),

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