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Introduction to Human Anatomy Lecture 38 Notes Cardiology


Turns out this series goes to 6.  We’re at part 4 which clocks in at 38 minutes.


PV = nRT

Pressure is measured in mm of Hg or mercury.  He shows the typical vessel upside down in a bowl of liquid.  Atmospheric pressure causes the water to rise; the level it rises to shows the atm pressure.  At sea level, 407 inches or 34 feet.

Mercury is the heaviest liquid we know.  13.6 times denser than water; won’t rise as high.  At sea level, 760 mm.

Blood pressure can be measured directly or indirectly.  Direct is inserting a catheter into the vessel or the heart.  Cardiac catheterization.

The peak is the systolic, the valley is the diastole.  Blood pressure of 120/66 is 120mm greater than atmospheric.

Swan Gans catheter is the most famous catheter.

Median cubidal vein in the median cubidal space is the favorite place to take blood/measurement.  Veins carry blood to the heart.

brachial, axillary, sub clavian, brachial cephalic, superior vena cava is the path.

CVP is the central venous pressure.  Central venous line BP is very low.  25/0 is the blood pressure of the right ventricle.  In the pulmonary artery, 25/8 is normal.

Indirect measurement of BP.  Dopler ultrasound stethoscope.  Auscultating the BP is estimating it using a pressure cup and stethoscope.

What’s the gage attached to?  How does that relate to the BP in the artery?  If no blood and flow through the brachial artery, you’ll hear nothing.  If the vessel if wide open, blood flows continuously, you’ll hear nothing.  If the vessel is partially compressed, blood spurts through the vessel, a blowing sound.

You have to be lying down so everything is the same vertical height of the heart.  Raise you arm, BP is lower.  Lower your arm, BP is higher.

Each cardiac cycle of heart beat lasts 60 sec/min divided by HR = 60/75  = 0.8 sec/beat

Systole lasts .3 second, diastole lasts .5 s for normal HR of 75 BPM = 0.8 s/beat.  Over 160 BPM, the heart begins ejecting less blood per minute.

EDV = 120 mL volume of blood in each ventricle at the end of diastole.

Stroke volume 70 mL of blood is ejected

ESV = 50 mL volume of blood in each ventricle at the end of systole


Theoretical Efficiency = G/H

the pledge, the turn, the prestige

riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream

UV rays 10 – 400 nm, 3-124 eV, UBV 280-310 nm Visible Light 400-700 nm

Covalent (electronegativity < 0.5)

Polar Covalent (0.5 <electronegativity < 1.9)

Ionic (electronegativity > 1.9)

colloid is a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance.  Two separate phases: a dispersed phase (or internal phase) and a continuous phase (or dispersion medium) in which the colloid is dispersed.

suspension =heterogeneous mixture containing solid particles  larger for sedimentation, larger than 1 micrometer.  Will settle eventually.

Emulsion Instability: flocculation, creaming, and coalescence

Emulsion =mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (nonmixable or unblendable).

light waves scattered =if their sizes exceed about one-quarter of the wavelength of the incident light.

Scorpions: the larger the claws the less they sting, the smaller the claws the more they sting

Arteries carry oxygenated blood; veins carry deoxygenated blood

alkane 50 alkene 43 hydride 42 amine 38 alkyne 25 ketone/ester 22

water 15.7 alcohol 17 phenol/ammonium 10, HF 3.2 HCl -6 HBr -9 HI -10 H2SO4 -3

Strong Acids have pKa < -2

EKG: P wave, QRS waves, T wave

The Big Four: PT, Marksmanship, Battle Drills, Medical Training, Mobility

SPLC staffing probabilities logistics contingencies

Radiation: alpha, beta, gamma

Alpha emitters: polonium, radon, radium

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