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Communication security.  I know human nature and I know my own nature.  I too am an egotist.  When I do something awesome, I want people who I respect to know about it.

We (and I!) must learn to suppress these very natural urges.  All WNs must strive to improve in this area and improve their mind/people reading skills.  Not everyone who reads this site is a WN – many are very anti-white.  WNs must learn to read between the lines, compare their observations to our doctrines and come to reasonable conclusions.

Here’s a story of the NYPD taking advantage of the desire to brag in gang members.  Naturally this need to talk extends to many other areas like interrogations and undercover where full advantage is taken.


There is a book in my queue called “Codes of the Underworld.”  The author introduces a vast field of strategic communication where” trust cannot be taken for granted.”  Far-seeing WNs must develop their own codes.  Every other community out there from gangs to intel organizations to the police and their ten codes have this.  We must do similar.

One day in the future, using most of the internet will not be useful for us.  We need to be ready for that time and to be prepared to drop the use of this medium with no hesitation.  The enemy always grows fat on the mistakes you leave behind.  Victory is about making fewer mistakes than the other guy.

Think of that Bob Seger song – what to leave in, what to leave out…

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