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Introduction to Human Anatomy Lecture 58 Notes: Lipitor/Spectraphotometry


Today we have a lab session, 61 minutes long, on a common lab instrument.


It’s all about the relationship between concentration and the amount of light that gets through a solution.

A = ElC

Absorbtivity = constant x path length x concentration

Lipitor is a drug used to treat atherosclerosis.  This is the number 1 prescribed drug in the US.  The generic is atorovastatin.  It belongs to the statin class.  Fat and cholesterol are very dangerous when they are on the aortic artery.

Statins are enzyme inhibitors.  This converts saturated fats into cholesterol.  Lipitor inhibits it.

Medicine can cure very few things.  Infections can be cured.  Amoxicillin for 7 to 10 days.  bacterial enzyme inhibitors.  Doctors can cure benign tumors, not malignant tumors.  That’s it.  The rest is managing and controlling the problem.

Fink has asthma.

Alot more pills are sold for chronic, uncured problems.  Antibiotics are taken for a very limited time.  Doctors don’t ask for a return appointment.  We don’t have to worry about sides with short prescriptions like antibiotics.

When tissue is injured, enzymes are released.  This is tested for.  Each cell type contains different enzymes in different proportions.  The greater the injury, the higher the concentration.  Which tissue, what extent.

20 minutes in, a list

Enzyme              Compromised Area

Acid Phosphotase              Prostate cancer

Alkaline Phosphotase            Bone Injury

Cholinesterase                       Kidney Disease

Creatine Phophotase            Muscle Injury

Lactic Acid Dehydrogenase         Muscle Injury

CPK is creatine phospho kinase.  Its found in all muscle tissue.

ALT is found only in liver cells.  The liver processes most drugs.

How drugs are marketed.  Used to be professional journals.

Cholesterol should be less than 200.  eat right, exercise.

Hypocratic oath – first do no harm.  Myalgia is muscle pain.  Patients are monitored to see if the drug is causing damage.

Typical blood tests cost from 400 to 600 dollars.


“Sharp front sight, pumpkin on a post. Sharp front sight, pumpkin on a post.”

ethane: staggered/eclipsed Butane: anti, gauche

Shape, Shine, Silhouette, Shadow, Slow and Still

Just in time

carburetor regulates the flow of air and gasoline into the engine cylinders

Water: OH bond 95.84 pm.  Bond angle 104.5

A whip antenna also known as a monopole antenna looks capacitive if it is shorter than a quarter wavelength, and are tuned to resonance with a series inductor.

Fear is control

‘evergreen plant is a plant that has leaves in all seasons. This contrasts with deciduous plants, which completely lose their foliage during the winter or dry season

more branched isomers tend to have lower boiling points.

Biceps: Coracobrachialis, bicep brachi, brachiallis, supinator, brachioradialis

Arrhenius acid H3O+ donor, bronsted acid H+ donor, lewis acid electron acceptor

Bioavailability = Oral dosage/Systemic circulation

Albumin binds weak acids and hydrophobic drugs.

Vd = Bioavailable Dose/Concentration in Plasma

The thyroid is regulated by the pituitary is regulated by the hypothalamus.

Markovnikov’s Rule: addition of a protic acid HX to an alkene, the acid hydrogen (H) becomes attached to the carbon with fewer alkyl substituents, and the halide (X) group becomes attached to the carbon with more alkyl substituents.

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