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The Enemy Reveals Himself

Ah, it has finally happened. Not in the US though, but in England. This is a pretty amazing story – though most of us knew the day was inevitable.

It is well to note that I stole this story from the SP or survivalist/patriot community. Their obsession with freedom and liberty blinds them to the true implications.


The English police state is openly arresting EDL (English Defense League) and BPP (British Patriot Party)members. They’re using the usual kangaroo court trickery; no doubt they will be planting some child pornography and drugs if they get the chance, SOP. They have also stick their white arrestees in cells full of muslims. Any WN will tell you that WNs are often put in cells full of niggers to “soften them up.”

Things are not so different here in the US. That filmmaker whose film irritated the muslims is still in the can on cooked up charges.


One of my friends once wrote a short piece imploring WNs to prepare for the worst ZOG could offer: lock yourself in a dark closet, no books, no TV, no paper, 3 meals a day, only allow an hour outside for PT. I have not done this yet.

The true face of the enemy is seen when in a torture chamber, or in that cell full of niggers. The best advice I have heard for those being tortured is to go a little insane and to have a mantra “krazy kangaroos kick cats.” Repeat it at every question. Think it, focus on it, become it. Because reality won’t be getting any better. With a tiny, undetectable part of your mind, look for something you can exploit to escape.

The defining struggle of our time is not American versus Muslim, or freedom versus tyranny, it is the white race against our enemies. They are becoming more brazen and as they do, two responses are witnessed: whites either stick their heads further into the sand or they become more fanatical.

Most people today do not have the strength to hate. They don’t feel strongly about anything, except perhaps their local football or basketball team. They are the dead and anyone basing his salvation on them is deluded. The EDL and BPP should know that the public will do nothing to help them. Indeed – the only people who we are truly allowed to hate are whites today. Hating muslims would be a generalization and after all, there are good muslims too….

It already is here and it’s just a matter of someone giving the OK. The public will not help you. Your family may abandon you. All your friends and workmates will leave you. This is the thing that WNs have taken upon themselves; there is no higher or more difficult cause anywhere on this Earth. WNs don’t “prep” for the end of the world as we know it, we prep for the end of the white world, which is coming. I hope all of you are doing more than just reading articles, but really training and reading what is happening. Look around you – that is what a police state looks like. You know it and you live in it. Plan accordingly.

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  1. October 27, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Truly, help is not coming.
    The people in this land will watch, pay for, and cheer the destruction of our people.
    They will pay for their own destruction.
    The enemy must be overjoyed.

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