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Human Anatomy: Lymphatic System

I want to cover the lympatic system again to solidify our understanding.This will cost you 40 minutes.

After that, we’ll follow with these two lectures:

The lymphatic system drains fluid that filtered out of the capillaries from the tissues back into the CV system. It filters and phagocytotizes foreign agents and makes WBCs.
lymphatic capillaries – lymphatic collecting ducts – right/left lymphatic ducts to the right/left subclavian.
The lymphatic vessels run along the spine and across the clavicle. The right duct covers the right arm and pec. The left duct covers the legs, torso, left arm and pec. The lymphatic vessels have valves to prevent backage. This is because there is low BP and gravity is relatively strong.
Lymph nodes hold macrophages and lymphocytes.
5 common areas: cervival, vertebral, axillary, inguinal, mesenteric (interstitial).
Lymph nodes are like oil filters. Swelling of lymph nodes indicates infection and one can palpate the cervical, axillary and inguinal areas.
The spleen is a reservoir of blood, destroys old RBCs and makes RBCs in the fetus.
Thymus is found in the lower neck and mediastinum. Makes T lymphocytes. Atrophies after puberty.
True power= Apparent power x power factor

Modulation index = Frequency Deviation Carrier/Modulating Freqnecy

gauge – how many lead spheres the diameter of the bore would equal a pound

Density H2O(g) = 0.8 g/L

Density Dry Air = 1.225 g/L

Wind, vertical angles, air density, gyroscopic spin, mangus effect

SALUTE size activity location unit time equipment

2s 6p 10d 14f

KE electron = E photon – Ionization Energy

Tissue: epithelial, connective, nervous, muscular

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