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Human Anatomy: Lymphatic System 2

This is an alternative lecture on the lympatic system and costs 28 minutes. The woman goes very fast here.

The lymphatic system retains homeostatsis. Maintains the constancy of fluid around each cell in the body. All living cells need to be surrounded by fluid.
In the intestines, lymphatic capillaries transport fat.
Right lymphatic duct drains the right upper extremity. The thorasic duct drains everything else into the left subclavian.
Lymphantis is an inflmation of the lymphatic vessels. Elephantiasis is a severe lymphedema of limbs as a result of parasitic infection of lymphatic vessels.
Lymph nodes filter lymph. Found in clusters along the vessel pathways.
Lymphadentitis is a swelling and tenderness of lymphnodes. Cancer cells move though metastasis through lymphatic vessels.
Lymphoma is a malignant tumor of LNs. Begins with the nodes in the neck followed by anemia, weight loss, weakness and fever. Two types: hodgkins and non-hodgkins. Can easily spread.
Thalamus plays a vital central role in immunity. Replaced by fat in the process of involution. Makes T killer cells. This is why the immune system decreases as times goes on.
Tonsils are the first line of defense from the exterior. enlargement of pharyngeal tonsils may impair breathing. There’s the pharyngeal tonsil up top, palatine tonsils on the sides and lingual tonsil behind the tongue.
Spleen is the largest lymphoid organ in the body. Upper left quadrant of the abdomen. Often injured by trauma. Phagocytozes bacteria and old RBCs, acts as blood reservoir. Splenomegaly is enlargement and splenectomy is surgical removal.
Skin acts as a mechanical barrier, tears and mucus wash eyes and trap/kill bacteria. Inflammation attracts immune cells to injury, increasing blood flow and moving WBCs to the site.
Antibodies are pteins that combine with specific sites. Humoral or antibody mediated immunity. Neutralize toxings, clump enemy cells, promote phagocytosis.
Neutrophils are short lived phagocytic cells.
Monocytes develop into macrophages and migrate to tissues.
Dendritic cells are found near external surfaces and alert for foreign invaders.
Phagocytes eat foreign cells by phagocytosis. Act as antigen presenting cells by displaying ingested antigens on their outer surface to trigger immune cells.
Lymphocytes are the most numberous, and make antibodies.
T cells produce cell mediated immunity.
Cytotoxic t cells kill infected cells by poisoning.
Helper T cells attact and activate macrophages, activate B cells.
Regulatory T cells suppress immune response.
Systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE is chronic inflammatory disease caused by numerous antibodies attacking a variety of tissues.
True power= Apparent power x power factor

Modulation index = Frequency Deviation Carrier/Modulating Freqnecy

gauge – how many lead spheres the diameter of the bore would equal a pound

Density H2O(g) = 0.8 g/L

Density Dry Air = 1.225 g/L

Wind, vertical angles, air density, gyroscopic spin, mangus effect

SALUTE size activity location unit time equipment

2s 6p 10d 14f

KE electron = E photon – Ionization Energy

Tissue: epithelial, connective, nervous, muscular

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