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Human Anatomy: Digestion Lecture 5

Today we finish up our digestion series at the large intestine. It’ll cost you 54 minutes.

Most absorption occurs in the ileum.

The microvilli have BVs and lymphatic vessels. All polar water soluble nutrients enter the blood stream to the hepatic portal vein. The lymph vessels handle fats. Most nutients are stored in the liver.

Enteritis is the inflmamation of the intestines. Gastroentrologists specialize in the stomach.

The large intestine is 4 feet long. It’s wider than the SI. Illiosecal sphinctor to the anus. The LI is also known as the colon.

Ascending colon, transverse from R to L, descending then signmoid colon, rectum and anus. Saculations are hossbergs. The LI stores water and contains food residues – what can’t be absorbed.

Some bacteria can enter an endospore stage and there they are very hard to kill. There is bacteria in shit. Urinary tract infections in women are caused by wiping issues. They need to wipe back, not forwards. E Coli bacteria are found in shit.

The appendix is a 3.5″ long appendix is the tonsil of the abdomen. The appendix holds macrophages and lymphocytes. It is strategically located at the bottom of the descending colon near all the bacteria in the LI. Early to late teens are a common time to have the appendix removed.

The involuntary anal sphincter is controlled by autonomic motor neurons. The external anal sphincter is made of skeletal muscle is voluntary. The urge to go is when the internal already opens. This is the same as for urine flow.

Diaherria is increased peristaltic contractions. Alot of water pushed out. Constipation is decreased peristaltic contractions. Fecal matter stays in the intestine longer than normal.

Diverticulosis is bulging weak spots in the LI. Shit can become caught in the spots and get infected.

The LI has muscles. Like any muscle, they can hypertrophy or atrophy. That’s why we need fiber.

Colon cancer is a genetic defect. Usually doctors try to remove cancerous tissue. Lung cancer is fatal because we can’t remove your lungs.

All seeds are the same. Seeds contain baby plants or embryos. Oils float on top, water on bottom.

peat, lignite, sub bitiminous, bitminous, anthrocyte

Size up the situation, use all your senses, undue haste makes waste, remember where you are, value living, improvise, vanquish fear and panic, act like the natives, live by your wits, learn the basics.
Biological macromolecules: nucleic acid, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates.

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