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Introduction to Solid State Chemistry Lecture 35: Binary Phase Diagrams

Well, this is the final lecture for this series. It’s been very nice and has focused on the chemistry of the solid phase. You’ll notice that Dr Sadoway ends his classes in a rather different manner. Also, you’ll see a section on champagne chemistry. Cost is 42 minutes.

Type 3 – partial solubility and change of state. It has both the lens and the syncline. liquid + solid = slush. Eutectic diagram.

He goes through the alcohol/water phase diagram. Freezing point depression.

Viscosity and diffusion are transport properties.

Lead/Tin is solder. Eutectic at 374 degrees centrigrade. A soldier with the lowest solder point possible. Thermal budget. Higher temperatures, more diffusion. This can damage the circuit and the PN junction.

Iron is death to a silicon device. We need 99.999% pure Si. Compositional differention. Zone melting and zone refining.

Champagne. A woman who got into winemaking. Champagne was cloudy. How not to chill champagne. Don’t just put ice on it. Because air is in contact, gas-solid. Add water to have liquid solid heat diffusion.

600 students in his gym. 2 students tried to cheat him. He was upset at having to go into the academic council thingy and waste his time.

Almost everything he says is a line, but it’s the same across 2004 and 2010. Ughhhhh especially his “bond” talk. Always 6 turns on the wire basket. Turn it to a 45 degree angle, turn the cork slightly. ” I feel as though I’m drinking stars…I think he’s right.”

^^^Something weird happened at 35:30. A case of pop fell. You let them drink?^^^

CRAVED – conceal, remove, available, valuable, enjoyable, disposable
CARVER – critical, accessible, recoverable, vunerable, effective, recognizable

C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O + 36ATP
2C8H20 + 25O2 = 16CO2 + 18H2O

Air = 79% N2, 21% O2, Ar, Ne.
AFR air fuel ratio

Air: Fuel 14.7:1
14.7 lean
The lower the excess air, the richer the flame.
The higher the excess air, the leaner the flame.

Helicopter flight control inputs: cyclic-direction, collective altitude, pedals-nose direction, throttle.

14.7:1 Air/Fuel Mixture
“Money to get power, power to protect money”
Protein Denaturation: pH, heat, redox, detergents
Long Range: gravity, drag, wind
C6H12O6 → 2 C2H5OH+ 2 CO2 + heat
C6H12O6 = 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

Condensation reactions build chains. Dehydration reactions destroy chains. Making bonds releases energy, breaking bonds costs energy.
Colligative properties: vaper pressure depression, melting point depression, boiling point elevation, osmotic pressure.
Cuprite CU2O
C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + 6H2O + 36 ATP

B electric field strength
H magnetic field strength
E electric displacement field
D magnetic displacement field
A lactone is a cyclic ester
R-(O=S=O)-NH2 is a sulfonamide
Chalcocite CU2S
Chalcopyrite CuFeS2
Tenorite CuO
Hematite Fe2O3
Magnetite Fe3O4

NEIU – novelty, innovative, utility
-CH=CH2 vinyl
i = 1 + a(n-1)
n=number of ions in solution

Tropical Rainforest: floor, understory, canopy, emergent,
aurophillic bond 3A and 10kcal/mole

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