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Human Anatomy: Large Intestine

Today’s lecture is around 54 minutes.

Absorption of nutrients occurs in the jujunum and ileum. In the villi are capillaries and lactiles (lymphatic vessels absorbing fat). Water soluble nutrients are carried to the hepatic portal vein to the liver.

The mesentary is the membrane between the SI. The liver processes and stores nutrients. Sugars are stored as glycogen. The hepatic artery brings o2 into the liver. The hepatic vein is the vein out up top. Lipid soluble vitamines go to the lacteals into general circulation into the liver.

Disorders of the SI
Duodenal ulcer = sore in the DD. Bacterial infection.

Enteritis is an inflammation of the intestines. Doctors specializing in stomach and intestinal problems are gastroentrologists.

The large intestine has a large bore than the SI. The ileo-cecal sphincter is the beginning and the appendix is near. The LI is 4 feet long. The SI is 20 feet long. Ascending, transverse, descending, sigmoid, rectum, anus. The cecum is the first little bit of the ascending colon. From standard anatomical position, from the rectum left up then to the right and down. Hepatic right colic flexure is a bend. Splenic or left colic flexure.

The ailmentary canal is the oral cavity, the pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, etc.

The LI has sacculations called haustra. The SI is smooth, the LI is sort of balled. If we inject dyes, we can see soft structures. Lower GI series show the LI.

The LI stores water, digestion of food residues like cellulose. Some bacteria can survive anything, and they florish in the LI. The feces has bacteria in it. UTIs are caused by bad wiping technique. The health department: where there is E Coli, there is poop, there is mice or bugs.

The appendix is 3.5 inches long, the tonsils of the intestines. Worm like. Has lymphocytes and macrophages.

Involuntary internal anal sphincter. Voluntary external anal sphincter.

Hemroids are inflammed veins around the anus. Diaherra cha cha cha. Increased peristalsis, poop moves through the LI too fast. Constipation is weak peristalsis, poop moves too slow, very dry.

Whole grains, vegetables and fruits have fiber. The muscles of the intestines need resistence to stay in shape.

All seeds are the same. Inside the seed is the embryo, proteins and nucleic acids. On the outside is cellulose and starch. Kids eating raisens and corn. Whole wheat has the cellulose and the proteins. You can buy just the embryo- wheat germ. Wheat bran is the outside. White floor is just the starch.

Source Holding: search, silence, segregate, speed, safeguard, tag
BLISS – blend in, low, irregular, small, secluded
METT-TC: mission enemy troops terrain time civilians
SALUTE size activity location unit time equipment
Sternum: manubrium, body, xyphoid process (suprasternal/jugular notch)
Stomach: fundis, body, pylori
Small intestine: duodnum, jujunum, ileum

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