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Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lecture 19 Notes: Clasius Claperyon Equation

Today’s lecture is 51 minutes long. I see this teacher doing the tradition and spreading his notes across the front table. 14 minutes in.

Last time we covered phase diagrams. For water and Si, the slope of the LS line is -, not +.

dP/dT = dS/dV = dH/TdV
The Claperon Equation

dS = S liquid – S solid > 0 since the liquid has more disorder.
dV = Vl – V s > V solid/liquid
thus v sublimation = about Vg = Vg – Vs

dP/dT = pdH/RT2 for ideal gases, not for l or s.

RDX is a plastic explosive. It’s melting point is 204 C. Can’t be detected by x rays. What is it’s vapor pressure? A machine must be able to detect its Vp at room temp.

Log p versus 1/T. It’s a linear decreasing functions. 10^-11 bar at room temperature.

Adding pressure and inert gas will slowly increase the vapor pressure. The entropy on top is increasing.

ln p = dH/RT + C

F = C – p +2
C is the number of componenets
p is the number of phases
F is the degrees of freedom

Gene Flow: founder effect, bottleneck
Fitness = survivability x fecundity
Evolution = mutation, drift, selection, migration, inbreeding
G=H-TS=-RT lnK=-nFE

Intermolecular Forces: ionic, h bonding, dipole dipole, VdW

1st Law: dU = dq + dw
2nd Law: dS= dq/T
3rd Law: At Ok, S=0

The five techniques: wall-standing, hooding, subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, and deprivation of food and drink

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