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Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lecture 30: Kinetics

Today’s lecture should be excellent. It’s 51 minutes.

Kinetics describe how long it takes to reach EQ. Kinetics can suggest a mechanism but will not prove it. Timescales range from femtoseconds to millions of years, commonly a microsecond to a day.

A + B = C
Ra = -d[A]/dT
Rc = +d[C]/dT
dC/dt = -dA/dt = -dB/dt = rate of rxn by stoichiometry

2A + B = 3C + D
-dB/dt = -dA/2dt = +dC/3dt=+dD/dt

aA + bB = cC + dD
-dA/adt = -dB/bdt = +dC/cdt = +dD/ddt

Rate = k [A]^a [B]^b
a is the order with respect to A
b is the order wrt B
k = rate constant

2NO + O2 = 2NO2

Zeroth Order RXNs
A = Products
-dA/dt = k[A]^0=k
oxalic acid = H2 + 2CO2

T 1/2 = Ao/2k
T 1/2 = ln 2/K = 0.693/k

1st Order RXNs
-dA/dt = k[A]
Af = Ao e^-kT

14C = 14N + e- 1st order rxn

oh my such great apple pie: oxalic malonic succinic glutaric adipic paleric.
Tooth: enamel, dentis, pulp
Op Amp
Non Inverting G = Vo/Vi = 1+Rf/Ro
Inverting G = -Rf/Ro

sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control
BRASS breathe relax aim sight shoot
BRASS breathe relax aim slack squeeze
BLISS blend low irregular small secluded
LACE liquid ammo casualties equipment
METTTC mission enemy troops terrain time civilians
SPLC staffing probabilities logistics contingencies

1st Law dU = dQ + dW
2nd Law dS = dQ rev/T
3rd Law OK, s=0

Sensory Layer: fovea, macula, peripheral

Add acid to water, not water to acid

u = G/n
Polymerization: condensation/radical

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