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Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lecture 33 Notes: More Kinetics

Today’s lecture costs 51 minutes.

k2>>k1 is the case we will cover now.
We covered the cases of k2=k1 and k1>>k2.

And now onto equilbrium or reversibility. At EQ, the forward and reverse rxns are equal.
Beq/Aeq = k1/k2=k EQ
this relates EQ and kinetics.

-dA/dt = k1AB-k2C
Hard problem. Use flooding or approximations.

Parallel rxns, series and reversible rxns are all possible.
-dA/dt = k1A-k2B

At EQ, da/dt=0
B=Bo + (Ao-A)

Series reversible rxan.
B eq = k1A/k1+ k2

Rate of Rxn = k1k2AM/(Mk1+k2)
if Mk1>k2 high pressure 1 bar k1k2/kMA=rate of reaction

2) Mk1<<K2 low pressure
k1AM = rate of rxn
Man = 20 to 20k
organic layer top, aqueous below
oh my such great apple pie: oxalic malonic succinic glutaric adipic paleric.
Tooth: enamel, dentis, pulp

Op Amp
Non Inverting G = Vo/Vi = 1+Rf/Ro
Inverting G = -Rf/Ro

sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control
BRASS breathe relax aim sight shoot
BRASS breathe relax aim slack squeeze
BLISS blend low irregular small secluded
LACE liquid ammo casualties equipment
METTTC mission enemy troops terrain time civilians
SPLC staffing probabilities logistics contingencies

1st Law dU = dQ + dW
2nd Law dS = dQ rev/T
3rd Law OK, s=0

Sensory Layer: fovea, macula, peripheral

Add acid to water, not water to acid

u = G/n
Polymerization: condensation/radical

high pass filter, differentiator
low pass filter, integrator

ACP NRR abduction containment proof of lifenegotiation ransom drop release

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