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Thermodynamics and Kinetics Lecture 34 Notes: Chain Reaction

Today’s lecture is 46 minutes.

Initiation (slow), intermediate, propagation, termination

I1 + R = I2+

1) Stable chain/stationary reactions are constant in time. I1 component is constant in time.

2) Unstable, nonstationary. Nonconstant amount of intermediate.

Cycle P2
1 2
2 4
3 8
4 16

from 1 mole to 2. C2H6 and H2 will also be formed. Rate = k (CH2CHO)^(3/4) which is weird, maybe a chain rxn.

Initiation: CH3CHO k1 CH3. + CHO
Propagation: CH3. + CH2CHO k2 CH3CO. + CH4
.CH3CHO k3 .CH3 + CO
Termination: 2 CH3. k4 C2H6

dCH4/dt = k2(CH3.)(CH2CHO)
dCH3./dt = k1 (CH3CHO) – k2(CH3)(CH2CHO) + k3(CH3CHO) – k4(CH3.)^2
It’s all bean-counting.

(CH3.) = k2 sqrt (k1/2k4) (CH3CHO)^

Chain length is the number of propogation steps before terminating.
Number of prop steps/initiation/termination step

rate of prop/rate of term = (_)2
a few hundred is typical, thousands to millions of polymers.

Then he does something incredible, a proof by contradiction. It relates to explosions in low pressure and high pressure regimes.

Man = 20 to 20k
organic layer top, aqueous below
oh my such great apple pie: oxalic malonic succinic glutaric adipic paleric.
Tooth: enamel, dentis, pulp


Op Amp
Non Inverting G = Vo/Vi = 1+Rf/Ro
Inverting G = -Rf/Ro

sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control
BRASS breathe relax aim sight shoot
BRASS breathe relax aim slack squeeze
BLISS blend low irregular small secluded
LACE liquid ammo casualties equipment
METTTC mission enemy troops terrain time civilians
SPLC staffing probabilities logistics contingencies

1st Law dU = dQ + dW
2nd Law dS = dQ rev/T
3rd Law OK, s=0

Sensory Layer: fovea, macula, peripheral

Add acid to water, not water to acid

u = G/n
Polymerization: condensation/radical

high pass filter, differentiator
low pass filter, integrator

ACP NRR abduction containment proof of lifenegotiation ransom drop release

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