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Human Anatomy: Digestive System Lecture 1 – Oral Cavity

Today’s lecture is 64 minutes.

The alimantory canal is the food tube. The duodnum digests, the jujunum

and illium absorb.

lipids – fatty acids (albumin transport them in the blood)
protein – amino acids
nucleic acids – nucleotides

Only water and salt didn’t come from a living thing.

2 types of glands: endocrine makes hormones into the bloodstream.

Exocrine releases a chemical into a duct.

The digestive system has salivary glands, liver, GB, and pancreas as

accessory glands. Ingestion is putting food into your mouth. Egestion is


The labial frenulum is right below the upper and lower lips. Gums are

jujube. The opening at the back is the fosses. The soft palate

terminates in the uvula. The cheeks contain the buccinator muscle. The

gums are a form is skin with two layers.

The upper part of the tooth is the crown and is covered with enamel. Then

comes the neck and the root which are not covered. The tooth socket is

the alveolus.

Incisors for biting, 1 root. Canines for tearing, 1 root. Premollars for

grinding, 1 or 2 roots. Molars for crushing and grinding, 2 to 3 roots.


The permenant teeth begin to come out at 6 years old. Baby teeth are milk

teeth or decidious teeth. They begin to erupt at 6 months. 2102 for baby

teeth x 4=20 teeth.

Enamel is made of calcium phosphate. Dentin is as hard as bone; calcium

phosphate and calcium carbonate. Odontoblasts make it. The cementum

covers teh root surface; its like bone.

Enamel, dentin, pulp

Apical foramen is at the bottom of the root. Blood vessels and nerves in.

Pulp cavity infection leads to root canals. It takes 2 office visits.

Each root canal costs 15oo to 2ooo. Endodonics do only root canals. The

infection will make people beg to go to the dentist.

The trigeminal nerve goes to the mandible and maxilla and the eyes.

Cavities are caries. Holes in the enamel are bacterial acids.

search silence segregate speed safeguard tag

travelling, travelling overwatch, bounding overwatch

Contingencies: GOTWA going others time what actions

OAKOC observation and fields of fire, avenues of approach, cover and

concealment, obstacles, key terrain

6 Warfighting functions: fire support, movement and maneuver, protection,

command and control, intel, sustainment

Fire support: PLOT CR purpose location observer trigger communication

method resources

ACP NRR abduction captivity, proof of life negotiation ransom drop release

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