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Human Anatomy Lecture 2: Digestive System – Throat

Today’s lecture is 65 minutes long.

Functions of the tongue are mastication, deglutition/swallowing, speaking, taste buds. One cannot speak without his tongue.

The tastes are sweet, sour, salty, bitter (toxic/poisonous) and umami.

Lingual frenulum is the thing under the tongue. The root of the tonue is attached to the epigolatis. The tongue tip is the apex. Palantine tonsils, lingue, pharyngeal.

Inside the tonsils are macrophages and lymphocytes which make antibodies and inactivate invaders. Lymph organs are usually located where bad guys can enter, portals.

There are 3 sets of salivary glands – the parodid, lingual, submandibular.

Saliva softens food. Amylose – amylase-maltose.

The palate allows man to breathe and chew at the same time. Anterior hard palate, posterior soft palate. Rugae are ridges.

Throat=pharynx. 3 parts: nasopharynx (upper) , oropharynx, laryngo pharynx
The uvula folds up, the epigolatis folds down to keep food in the right tube.
Anterior nares, posterior nares – both let air in. Adenoids are enlarged pharyngeal tonsils.

MP/BP measures attractive strength in a molecule
Intermolecular Forces: ionic, h bond, dipole dipole, VdW
Cations +, anions –
nucleophile attacks electrophile
Nucleophile – rate of rxn
Basicity – pH

Nucleophiles: less electronegative, electrons available, negatively charged, low sterically hindered

Types of questions: direct, followup, nonpertinaent, repeated, control

Big 4: name rank service number DOB
JUMP: job unit mission PIR

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