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Human Anatomy: Homostatic Reflexes

Today’s lecture is relatively short at 29 minutes.

Homeostasis is the maintenence of a constant internal environment.

A learned reflex is bladder control.

Negative feedback opposes the input signal. Positive feedback reinforces the input signal.

A stimulus is a stress.

Effects do the change. Muscular organs contract; glands secrete chemicals.

Homeostasis refers to attempts of the body to maintain a constant internal environment. There are innate and learned homeostatic reflexes. A well known HSR is bowel/urinary control.

When normal ranges are exceeded, something is wronge (perhaps). O2, blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature are examples.

Negative feedback opposes the input signal. Positive feedback reinforces the input.

Receptors tend to be sensory neurons.

Stimulus – Receptors – Afferent Path – Control Center – Efferent Pathway – Effectors

A comes before E. First comes the input, then comes the output. Effectors are muscular organs that contract, and glands that secrete chemicals. The brain controls the other effectors.

Control centers compare the input value with the ideal value. When they differ, effectors are called into play. The nervous and endocrine systems control all the other systems.

Sensory neurons go in and are also called affarent pathways. Motor neurons go out and are efferent pathways. A comes before E.

Affectors can either contract or secrete. The muscular system contracts, the gland system secretes chemicals.

Stephen Hawking has a degenerative neural condition. In time, there will be no contact with effectors.

Neural reflexes are controlled by the brain. Hormonal reflexes are controlled by the endocrine glands. Neuroendocrine use both, as in water balance.

Alpha cells – glucagon
Beta cells – insulin

Intermolecular Forces: ionic, h bond, dipole dipole, VdW

OAKOC obstacles and fields of fire, avenues of approach, key terrain, obstacles, cover and concealment

disguise, surveil, detect

IMAO improvise, modify, adapt, overcome

P tot = EPx


7K grains/lb

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