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Human Anatomy: Hematology Lecture 2

Today’s lecture is 43 minutes long.

Normal RBC counts are 5 million/mm3 or 5M/1mL. RBCs are made in the vertebra, ribs and sternum. The kidneys secrete renin and erythropoetin which is RBC production.

RBCs live for about 4 months because they have no nucleus. Macrophages in the blood break down the RBCs into hemoglobin. Iron is recycled. Bilibuben is ironless RBCs. The spleen and liver are the sites of destruction. Transferin transports Fe.

Normal hemoglobin count is 15 g/100mL or 15%. O2 capacity is proportional to RBC #.

There are many types of anemia. Iron deficient anemia. Vitamine B12 anemia. Aplastic anemia is degeneration of red bone marrow. Sickle cell anemia is abnormal hemoglobin.

Blood platelets are thrombocytes which consist of cell fragments. Made in red bone marrow. Stimulated by thrombopoetin from the liver. Thromobocytopenia is lower than normal BP number.

Hemostasis is bleeding control. It begins with a vascular spasm. Then a blood platelet plug is formed. A fibrin clot is then formed. Aspirin interferes with the attachment of the platelets.

Leukopenia is a lack of WBCs. Normal value is 7K/mm3. Neutrophils are small phagocytes. Lymphocytes are an immune response. Monocytes are macophages. Eosinophils eat allergens. Basophils or mast cells make heparin and histamine.

Only sperm and WBCs move on their own. Granulocytes have little granules or vacoules than pick up die. Agranular are monocytes and lymphocytes.

Intermolecular Forces: ionic, h bonding, dipole dipole, VdW

Nucleophiles are anions, electrophiles are cations

Better leaving groups are weak bases/stronger bases.

SN2 intermediate is trigonal bipyramidal, SN1 intermediate is trigonal planer

SN2 is an interchange rxn, SN1 is a dissociative rxn

SLLS stop look listen smell

625/50 is PAL. 525/30 is NTSC.

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