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Life Extension Technology and the White Race

January 2, 2012 30 comments

A recent reading of Fantastic Voyage by transhumanist futurist Ray Kurzweil over Yule sparked in me a significant interest in life extension, and the practical implementations and consequences of such an endeavor.

Undeniably, the methodology and scientific breakthroughs in life extension technology presents a considerable opportunity for White racial demographics. Presently, we Whites suffer from a grossly under-fertile population that is looking more and more like the occupants of a retirement village with every passing year. Indeed, physically and operationally, modern Europe is like a carefully managed elderly family member. But what if we could reverse this problem? What if we could increase the average life span to 150 years and beyond? And further, what if we could cease and then regress the process of aging, ensuring our people a long and healthy lifespan that can largely eliminate the problem of an older population?

I have had a periphery interest in the optimum diet and lifestyle for a while now. There is a lot of promotion by health nuts on the blogosphere of the virtues of the “paleolithic diet”, or caveman diet, which in essence mandates a consumption of the foods our cave-dwelling ancestors consumed, based on a belief that that is what the optimum dietary components for the modern homo sapien would be. While I believe aspects of it are sound (high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate emphasis), the modern availability and condition of food changes the necessity of the paleo diet. Indeed, there is a lot more that can be done to maximise the positive effects, such as supplementation and potential future technological advances and therapies that a purely paleolithic diet will not take advantage of. In a sense, we can maximise the benefits  and minimise the harm to our bodies in ways our paleolithic ancestors could not with the benefits of technology and mass production, and that illustrates the limitations of this diet.

Interestingly, Fantastic Voyage’s dietary and nutritional advice echoed similar principles contained in the White Man’s Bible by Creativity founder Ben Klassen, written in 1973, including the contemporary medical institutions’ emphasis on treating symptomatic problems over addressing the cause, the incredible damage habitual and high dosage sugar consumption does to the body, how cooking foods (especially in cooking oil or butter) can exacerbate and create larger levels of toxicity contained within, and a dietary focus on vegetables, nuts and fruit over meat. A limiting factor of Klassen’s analysis I have thus far determined is in his admonition of the use of supplements and drugs, which may or may not be simply due to Creativity’s more nature-oriented focus, or perhaps a lack of insight into how enzymes work at the time.

Programmed Death:

A major obstacle to life extension is contained within our bodies. The Hayflick limit, which limits how many times cells can replicate, are dictated by the telomerase enzyme, which dictates when and if a cell will die via being responsible for the telomere lines contained on the end of each of our chromosomes in all of our cells.

The telomeres drops off a line of DNA code each time it divides, and the length of the telomeres dictate how many times cells can undergo cell division and replacement. Once all of these telomeres have depleted by numerous cell division, the cell is destined for programmed death. In essence, overcoming this cap on cellular reproduction that leads to cell death and inevitable aging is a fundamental issue of importance.


The summation Kurzweil’s programme offers is a fairly simple set of parameters for adherents:

  • Little or no wheat.
  • Lots of (multi-coloured) vegetables (especially raw).
  • Eat a variety of nuts daily.
  • Eat organic.
  • Minimise red meat, eat fish and lean chicken.
  • Eliminate or reduce sugar.
  • Green tea> coffee. (Coffee is very acidic and hard on the body)
  • Moderate your consumption and have even-sized meals, including breakfast.

Interestingly, a study of rats and calorie restriction pointed to the conclusion that rats which were consuming a non-malnutritional restricted amount of their dietary calorie requirements actually lived significantly longer than free-fed rats. Not only that, they aged little and suffered less from age-related diseases and disorders. A test on monkeys shed the same results. This echoes Klassen’s promotion of fasting for health in the White Man’s Bible.

Knowing Your Predisposition:

An important aspect of human genetic differences are single nucleotide polymorphisms. A nucleotide can be considered small units of information contained within your DNA, telling your body how to develop, react to various environmental stimuli, and numerous other functions. Think of them as a byte. These bytes are contained within DNA as the structural units of the genetic code, contained in pairs of three nucleotides per codon (genetic line of code). The four types of nucleotides are abbreviated as A, G, C and T, or Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine. In groups of three, these create amino acid or proteins, the latter of which carries out the heavy lifting within the cell.

In essence, a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is when these codons have replicated differently (say, an AAT line replicates as AAA) in different individuals, subspecies or species. Groups of these SNPs are called haplotypes, which help to indicate differences between different racial groups, and their particular tendencies towards different physical characteristics, and their predisposition to diseases and medical conditions (for instance, blacks having much higher incidence of sickle cell anemia).

Knowing what SNP’s you or your race possesses is important, as it can give you an indication of what kind of diseases you are more susceptible to. Genetic testing is one method you can use to find out your susceptibility, and we can look at our racial and ethnic predispositions and plan accordingly. More specifically, we should also look at what particular diseases and ailments our families tend to get, and take action to dampen the potential complications.

Supplements and Vitamins:

Kurzweil promotes several universal supplements to all health-conscious readers with no particular specialised needs, such as vitamin A for immune-system function and eye, bone and skin health. Vitamin D for bones, and vitamin E, vitamin C, and B Vitamins.

Vitamin E and C are especially important for protecting against cancer and cell health. The reason is these help prevent the proliferation of free radicals, which are unstable molecules (pairs of atoms) that steal electrons from neighboring molecules to stabilise themselves, thereby converting them also into free radicals, ensuring a destructive cycle of cellular damage and an increasing risk of cancerous cell growth.

A useful supplementary antioxidant is Lutein, which is proven to promote eye health and battle with age-related macular degeneration. In this era of heavy computer usage, its integral to look after your eye health as much as humanly possible. Lutein is contained within broccoli, kiwi fruit, kale, grapes and corn.

Additionally, a toxic by-product in the body named homocysteine can accumulate in individuals (especially men) to harmful levels, and is associated with a much larger risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and even Alzheimers, diseases rife in the modern Western world. Taking Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic acid can reduce these levels.

For more information on how you can optimise your dietary and supplementary intake, I encourage you to do your own research. Here is an excellent database on supplements and vitamins. It contains a plethora of information on which supplements are effective for helping with various conditions and diseases, their interactions with other substances, potential side effects, and how much evidence backs the purported claims of their benefit.

The Future:

There’s a lot we can do it increase our life span and standard of living. While presently we do not possess the technology to indefinitely extend our life spans, this does not discount what we can do to life significantly above the average time frame. Through proper diet, technological insight, supplementation and regular exercise we can further increase the probability that we will live in a society where such technology is readily accessible, as technology is exponentially increasing in capabilities.

As scientifically minded White nationalists, we need to find tangible solutions to our demographic problems while strengthening our own positions. I see life-extension as a bold step towards the development of a White intellectual elite in the West, where great White leaders like William Luther Pierce live far beyond the normal life span, able to take full advantage of accumulating wisdom, technology, and life experiences.


Bipolar World

November 17, 2011 8 comments

Former neocon thinktanker John Hulsman is one of the only realistic voices on the right wing. He is not a Jew and broke with the Jeocons over their disastrous escapades in the middle east. He is second only in honesty and courage to Michael Scheuer among system entrenched conservatives. This could at once be taken as mild admiration and damnation by faint praise.

Why do I bring up this insignificant policy man? He gives me a good jumping off point. There are not many people on the left or right who can be taken seriously. The left would advocate that nuclear arms sharing is good for us. It is after all “unfair” for us to have nuclear weapons while every other banana republic around the world is denied their right to the same. My god! Could any line of argumentation be more insane? Then the right, firmly in the hands of the Jew, simply have no credibility. They know nothing but lies. Who can listen to a word they say? The paleos are so trapped in American nostalgia that you can’t have a serious conversation with them. They seem to think that all of our problems will magically go away with enough prayer, and agrarian constitutionalism.

Hulsman has a moderate brain on his shoulders. However I don’t like the message. He claims that America must become used to a multipolar world. This new world is one where America can no longer call the shots irrespective of the views of the rest of the world. In this world we need to be an equal player with several large power brokers in the world.

I don’t think the world works that way. I think that the weak share. The strong rule. When we become too weak to rule, it is then that we will begin sharing. That will happen any way. His points are valid. We will of course not be able to control all of the resources of the world. White racist Americans never wanted to in the first place. It is the Jews who have driven our expansionist foreign policy.

We never wanted to fight Germany. The Jews tricked us into those wars. The Jews also tricked us into these incursions into the middle east. I have no problem with our escapades in central America. Not all meddling is bad. If it is to bring resources into our country I think that it’s justified.

I’m no neocon. I don’t believe that we can or should rule the world. However, I don’t think that we should settle for backing down to let other super powers emerge. Let’s face it, greed and empire are not uniquely American. If we back down, others will be in the drivers seat. I’m thinking of China in particular, but Russia and Europe may want parity at first, but over time, may just want to be the next America. That seems to be human nature.

I don’t want either. I don’t want to be replaced, nor do I want to rule single handedly. I think that we need an entirely new paradygm. We need a White bloc! Russia, the EU and the US should form one Aryan World Council. We should rule equally, bear equal burden, and share out equal reward. It is the White man’s only hope of avoiding destruction by way of fratricidal competition, or being eventually subjugated by China. I know it’s an unrealistic idea under the Jewish democracies under which we now live. We must destroy our respective governments and form our own council. In fact, we should not wait to be in power. We should form such a council now to prepare for the turbulent future ahead.

We are each too large and strong to defeat one another. We must not allow nationalists to pull us into any such disastrous wars, or even stand offs. Let us all thank the stars that we survived the cold war.

In fact, it is even possible to join the entire Aryan world geographically into one enormous, contiguous super state beginning Europe, extending up through Russia all the way to Alaska, down through Canada and including the USA.  One giant empire of White men never again to be set against one another but united to dominate the world and preserve our race.

Of course Australia and New Zealand would also be part of such a super-state.

If you are in contact with White leaders anywhere in the World, pass them this message so that they might consider this proposal.

Forget the Pax Americana and forget multipolarism. Let us create a bipolar world; Aryan vs Han. Together we can govern the world. United we will stand. Divided we will fall. We cannot wait for Capitalist Democratic governments to choose our path. These Jews and White race traitors will lead us to ruin. We must find our own way and begin our struggle.

I propose the following three people lead, based on decades of self sacrifice, radical roots, and successes in support of White interests:

1.) Russia – Dmitry Demushkin
2.) Europe – Nick Griffin
3.) America – David Duke

Please make sure that these three men are made aware of this article. Encourage these men to cooperate and communicate.

No More Brothers’ War!

Death to Nationalism!

White Pride World Wide!

Who Needs Real Terrorists?

November 5, 2011 2 comments

It surely is interesting to live in this ZOG state we have today. Yesterday, there was a story about some white powder! Whoa!  This was the headline:

“West Virginia Post Office:  White Powder Explodes, 15 Quarantined

By Stoyan Zaimov

White powder escaped from a package on Friday in a United States post office in West Virginia, which has led to 15 people placed under quarantine.

Postal workers reported to have heard a “pop” as the package exploded and white powder spread through the office space. None of the people shows signs of a contamination, but medical workers in a school bus are continually watching them.

Ronald Fletcher, a representative for the Citizens Fire Company, said that the parked bus is located not far from the post office at a shopping center, as authorities try to figure out what the package contained and how it exploded.

Suspicions based on previous incidents of post office attacks have raised fears that the white powder might be anthrax, a lethal and infectious acute disease.

As of yet, no signs of chemical agents have been found, but people in the local area are told to stay away. Fletcher has said orders are following standard safety procedures, as they are still unsure how dangerous the situation is and cannot take any risks.

Dave Hamill, mayor of Ranson, W. Va, told the Associated Press that he was aware of the event but he had no updates to share. Postmaster Steve Parrill, however, disclosed that although 20 people work at the post office, only 15 were present at the time the package exploded.

According to a Jefferson Country Emergency services dispatcher, the incident was reported early Friday morning at 7:45 a.m.

An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agency representatives arrived to inspect the federal building at 10:15 a.m., and less than 15 minutes later they had a robot inside measuring the air quality, which has not yielded any results yet.

Ranson’s square remains blocked off by police as authorities continue investigating the facility.”

Head for the hills!  Well, the Earth kept turning and somehow, life went on.  Today, in a much more sedated headline, it was revealed to be a light bulb popping. Also, the “suspicious package” contained cookies.  The results of their bomb detection robot are still pending however – maybe someone passed gas.

I remember Gary North talking about how every year, we gain about 3% more technology and lose as much freedom, this sort of trade-off.  The media-government complex seems to want to keep the people jumping, always on their toes.  The conclusion we are supposed to reach is that we can’t trust our fellow citizens, but we ought to trust traditional authority figures like cops, doctors and politicians.   When combined with other campaigns like the “see something, say something” dial-a-snitch line they’ve got going, it seems like we are on the path, if we are not already a totalitarian state.

I don’t wish to dwell on what we all know.  Even when I was a SWPL and liberal, I wondered what life was like in Nazi Germany and the USSR.  My experience now tells me that so long as one goes to work, doesn’t inquire about things too loudly or deeply, that life is fairly normal.  “Fairly” because while the populace may not like many of the events, there’s never a large enough loss in comfort to compel action.  By now we’ve all heard of the frog in the pot, incrementalism, and that is what’s at work here.

What is to be done about it?  Moving to another country is a tremendous change.  Even moving to a white area in Canada like Nova Scotia would be traumatic.  It’s hard to draw a line in the sand, a threshold that can’t be crossed.   There’s always a hope that things will stop here, reason will prevail,and  life will get better.  In this case, hope is the enemy.

I can’t think of a single country on Earth that is becoming more free.  Perhaps the oceans, Antarctica and outer space are the only places remaining.  I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and  do not believe in the effect of chance in human affairs.  Things are not what they seem and we’re moving towards a goal.  I see design, calculation and purpose in what is occuring.

The point of view of this website suggests that rising to positions of power and influence, when combined with an “unexpected” (from the POV of the controllers) rise in dissatisfaction and racial awareness in the white population ought to yield the desired result.  If any of you guys have a better or alternative solution, I am certainly eager and open to hear it.


Ghost Town

October 31, 2011 6 comments

My work brings me to a lot of factories and big industrial facilities. When one drives by one of these enormous factories, one imagines hundreds of busy hard hat wearing workers, maybe even thousands. That’s probably how it was long ago, at least as far as I can gather from movies. I can tell you that this is not the case today.

Last week, Ryu wrote a piece which discussed his neighbor who worked as an instrumentation technician. They work on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). There’s not much to do on them. Mostly they just need to be regularly calibrated. First they sent American jobs overseas, to Mexico, India and China. What was left was taken over by robotic arms and PLCs.

A modern American factory is a ghost town, operated not by people, but by PLCs. They work quietly all day long, take no breaks, need no pay, no benefits, no retirement or healthcare. I took a few photos for your benefit, so that you can see the empty hallways inside of a busy modern factory working at full steam. The little blue things are the PLCs. You see them everywhere. There are thousands of them. Each one represents at least one former employee.

What’s the point of all of this? I explained in my post entitled the “New Man” that the manual laborer and even the liberal arts grad will not have anything to offer modern civilization. All waiting for the “economy” to revive or the “recession” to fade will be for naught. We are not amid a temporary slump. We are in the midst of a massive paradygm shift. The jobs are not returning.

Humanity is becomming obsolete. Soon robots will be doing nearly all of the work. They already do most of the manual work. When humanoid robots are viable, they will be able to do the rest. The inventor, computer scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil claims that technology is advancing at an exponential rate. What this means is that while we plan for linear change, the change will happen far faster than anything for which we are prepared. He predicts that within a couple of decades computers will even be able to program themselves far better than we can. Kurzweil predicts a happy coexistence between man and machine, even a merging, as we include machinery into our own biology. Certainly this is already taking place. There are people with chips in their brains as we speak. Some cure the symptoms of depression or the shaking caused by Parkinson’s disease.

However, I don’t predict such a happy coexistence. If machines are mentally far more advanced, or even equal in intelligence, assuming that we incorporate their intelligence into our own brains in time, I don’t see why they would need our help to run a society.

In the short term, the rich will be able to do more and more without the need of many people. A certain percentage of these unemployed will not starve or face useless humiliation in peace. It was long said “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” In order to stave off civil unrest at home, I predict the rich will start more war abroad until they can bring the number of people down. This still may not work as the protests over Vietnam caused national security to begin to be called into question.

Eventually I don’t see humanity keeping up with machinery. I don’t see why they would wait for us. I also don’t see humans accepting a secondary role in the world. When it is possible for less people to absorb more resources than ever before, the Malthusian resource curve lowers, and so must the population.

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The Retreat to Primitivism

October 9, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday, I attended the “Occupy Los Angeles” protest, which is the west coast wing of “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I have a certain sympathy with anyone who recognizes the extreme disparity between rich and poor in our society. In the United States 10% of the population owns 71% of the nation’s wealth and the top 1% owns 38%. I’m all for hard working and intelligent people to earn more than those who don’t work as hard. However, that is not the case in the US. There are many ways in which the rich have extreme advantages over the rest. Also, there is a difference between a greater reward and lordship which is where we are today. We have guys driving around in submarines with helicopter pads while millions are sleeping on the sidewalks.

The rich like to claim that they made all of their money by themselves and owe nothing to society. How much money would they have made without low paid workers? How much without publicly funded roads? How much without buildings? How much without a publicly funded military in which low paid soldiers bring resources to America from throughout the world? How much without a publicly funded police force to protect their assets. How much without publicly educated employees? How much without publicly funded water, electrical, postal system and internet? The wealthy could not be wealthy if it were not for the support network which they receive in our society.

Let’s take the flipside. Let’s say that they do owe nothing to the rest of society. In that case we owe nothing to them. If it’s every man for himself, then we should simply march up to their homes and drag them out. He uses his wealth. I can use my muscle.

Among other things, this disparity of wealth, raising the rich to the status of nobility has caused the average man to question modernity itself. The average man has a very limited understanding of history. He does not know for example that the average life span in 1900 was 65. The average lifespan in 1800 was 55. The average lifespan before that was in the 20’s. Modernity is pretty fucking cool.

The problem today is that the average guy is made to feel like a loser. He sees people who are not a great deal smarter than himself driving expensive cars and living in mansions, while he works like hell just to keep a roof over his head. If he watches television, his psyche is in for a real bruising. Everyone on television, including the commercials, looks like a super model, drives several SUVs has a stable marriage (to a super model) and lives in a mansion. This is the average family in something as mundane as a soap commercial!

The reaction is that people are giving up. There are many revolutionary and alternative movements out there today. Some don’t recognize themselves as revolutionary. Almost all of these groups who believe that they are in opposition to one another are actually on the same side. It is the side of primitivism.

The largest primitivist group is the xian movement. The xians, with a few exceptions have maintained an anti-science stance. From their arson of the Alexandrian Library and murder of it’s librarian Hypatia to their opposition to heliocentrism, to their modern attacks on the teaching of evolution and their opposition to solving the global warming crisis. One xian on this very blog questioned the truth of mathematics! This is by far the largest and most dangerous of primitive reactions to modernity, because it enjoys sympathy among the general population. I believe that in the US this working class, primitivist, reactionary movement only needs difficult economic times and a popular military general to sweep us back to the middle ages.

Obviously communism and anarchism would swamp us with so many non-Whites that any hope for modernity would be lost, no matter what their official positions on science may be.

Neo-Paganism is also a primitivist movement. Although it is an Aryan movement and I do sympathize with their respect for our traditions, their wish to return to a glorious Germanic age which never existed, is not the path of modernity. One can see their glorification of the middle ages, just like the xtians. Aaah, life was simpler then. You died at birth. So did your mom. You didn’t need to study, just run around being glorious with your sword. Bullshit! The Germans used to sell their children as slaves to the Romans just for food.

I know several extremely intelligent followers of Asatru, but most of it is Hollywood movie Viking dress up and a wish to return to an age where they could be mentally lazy. Also, the advocacy of things which are simply untrue does not sit well with me, like guys flying around in the sky with eight legged horses and such. Just like the xians, the wannabe Viking neo-pagans, and superstitious “traditionalists” are primitivist movements guided by liberal arts adherents.

No! It is time to shape up and discipline ourselves. It is time to study hard, not what interests you, but what society demands. That is math and science. The future can be yours, but not by retreating to a fantasy vision of the middle ages. We must restore community spirit and a degree of socialism, but not at the expense of forward progress.

The New Tet Offensive

September 28, 2011 1 comment

One of the myths that needs to die is that the United States military are invincible, all-seeing gods.  They are getting their asses kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan by third world people using low technology and by using our own weaknesses against us.  Here are just a few stories of recent attacks:

The US military has satellites, phone taps, people monitoring the internet there, drones, control of the electromagnetic spectrum, hired mercs, and so on.  Almost every material advantage you could think of, they have.

Technology covers weakness.  Our military is very dependent on signals intelligence, air superiority, and the newest electronic gizmos.  Man for man, the middle easterners are better soldiers.  They are more highly motivated, their cause is superior, they know what they’re fighting for and they’re in it to win.  It sounds like a small thing but over time it’s the most critical factor.

With our ZOGlings, it’s all about cash, benefits, and having a job.  They do their time and want to get back to the FOB (Forward Operating Base) to play Xbox, skype their family, or watch TV.  Maybe they want to come back to the States and chase women.  They have no love or anything to keep them in the field.  And I don’t believe anyone buys that they are protecting the constitution by fighting in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden is the most brilliant military leader that I’ve seen.  He brought down the United States, the most powerful country ever, with a few dozen guys and a full knowledge of how they would respond.

He understood the utter corruption of our government and how it bends to the Jews.  He knew that when there was an attack, that the leaders would make use of the opportunity to crack down on the population and to make some money.  Naturally, the media helped the program along, with the “support our troops” line, as if one could disagree with the war but love the robots/soldiers fighting in it.  It’s a strange thing to regard living, breathing men as robots who cannot question orders or have an independent thought.

In a way, it’s hard for the modern soldier.  He’s playing to avoid losing, not to win.  He must avoid the enemy, who is trying to kill him.  He must please his superiors, who can court-martial him for any offence they please.  He must please the public, without whose support he can’t get all the equipment needed to fight.  I don’t see why any white man would join ZOG’s army, and I have little pity for those who do.  Any skill one might wish to learn can be found in the private sphere with little trouble.

Similar are our police in the US.  You can tell my examining their level of aggression.  They want to live!  They don’t want to get hurt.  I remember being pulled over for a traffic offence a few years ago.  I was suprised at the fear of the officers.  You would have imagined I was a lion or a tiger.  They kept their distance, and they were just itching to pull out their weapons or something.  Crazy.

That’s why they are so eager to escalate up the force continuum so quickly.   It scares people off.  They actually teach recruits that any situation you can walk away from is a good one.   We shouldn’t harbor illusions that the police are innocent lambs, free from blame.  Like the military, they just follow orders, like machines.  They have no legal obligation to protect you.  Their obligation is to “the community.”  Often you’ll see the police back off when outgunned, this is why.

In summary, our military and police are not invincible gods.  They are men, deeply flawed men working for corrupt and inept leaders.  The drug cartels run circles around them and they operate all around the country.  The ordinary gangs like MS13 do this as well.  Tens of millions of immigrants have crossed the border into this country, have obtained fake IDs and papers and found jobs.  The government breaks the law with impunity everyday.  They are being beaten from within by their own corruption.  While we should never underestimate the opponent, it’s very important not to fear them too much.

Mathematics – The Highest Form of Thought

September 25, 2011 14 comments

In the post “Going From Innumerate to Math Whiz in No Time Flat”, I introduced the concept of the “Knowledge Pyramid”. This is an important concept for a greater reason than simply to encourage mathematics. For the active mind, it is a pathway to a pure life.

The lower forms of existence are only helpful for raising one to the next level. When one gets stuck on a level, which is the normal human condition, the result is stagnation in the best case, and degeneracy in the worst.

Take for example the first level. Sex, drugs, and base beat-driven negro-inspired music. If one spends a great deal of time and energy geared toward sex, one will attempt many different sexual experiences. First, with one’s girlfriend, one might try all sorts of things in order to make this very simple process more interesting. Eventually it can get to become really disgusting and degenerate. After a time, one girl will not be enough. If it is continued through many different girls, perhaps even girls will not be enough of a thrill. I don’t need to describe how low and vile sexuality can become if too much time and energy are invested there. One should really move on.

In music those who enjoy nigger inspired rock music and spend too much time there, end up listening to industrial noise, black metal, and all sorts of degenerate musical forms which largely abandon the attempt to even sound good. After too much time is dedicated to this form, one often ends up listening to sheer noise, simply to keep this simple form interesting and new. Just like a drug addict chases “the dragon”, the great experience that he can never replicate or satisfy, so too does the obsessive music fan. 20th Century classical music and art even resort to the same thing. When music students get tired of listening to Beethoven and Puccini they start listening to random symphonic noise. When art students get tired of Monet they turn to Picasso. This can be seen as the musical and artistic equivalent of the excesses in the sexual realm.

Those who have run sex, music and drugs to an excessive level often find solace in religion, which is the next level on the pyramid. How many ex-drug addicts and musicians and perverts of various stripes thank the lord for saving them. For people who are extremely unintelligent, this really is the best they can do and it is often recognized as a positive step in their lives. If they can get lost in the bible and keep a nine to five job for the rest of their lives, then they have made a marked improvement. In fact, it is the process of reading and listening to lectures which has reduced the physical pull on their psyche, and not the actual message itself. If one spends time reading and thinking, even if it’s about nonsense, their physical desires will decrease. It is why both priests and professors are often celibate and ascetic even though they don’t subscribe to the same philosophy.

For the slightly higher intellect, religion is only a brief stopping point on the way to the next level. When he fails to take the next step up the pyramid, he becomes lost in a fog of super-naturalism. Just as with the sex addict and drug addict the religious addict simply absorbs more and more fantasy. He becomes steeped in all sorts of mystical nonsense. Catholicism is made to absorb such people for a lifetime. One can study church history, the lives of the saints, and fantastic stories as numerous as they are blatantly absurd.

For those of other backgrounds, Buddhism and Hinduism provide the same never ending fantasy world. Many protestants, for lack of a rich fantasy pool of their own, end up on one of these eastern paths or some Westernized new age plagiarism of them.

A good college education will usually put the religious mind in contact with enough superior minds to cure him of his religiosity, or at least make him ashamed to admit otherwise, and he will get stuck in the liberal arts realm.

Both the religious realm and the liberal arts realm create an interesting model. They both rely on words. In this way, the longer one spends in either of the two realms, if they are actively studying, will necessarily become skillful with the use of words. In fact, they will become more skillful wordsmiths than what is normal for a human being. They can thus appear to the less practiced as being more intelligent than they really are.

This is why a priest is able to dazzle the less educated, and even obtain undue respect in certain educational circles. You find the same condition among lawyers. Neither the priest nor the attorney may have learned anything really new, or exercised his brain in any meaningful way in decades. They have simply acquired more words with which to mystify and confuse their listener. Religious articles and the ironically named legal “brief” are often notable for their girth and wordiness. However, when one boils it down to the point, if one can ever find the point, which is buried like a needle in a haystack, one will often find that it is pure bullshit at base.

The liberal arts man does not move up in his thinking. He moves sideways. He simply collects more and more facts and ever more words. After a point, it all becomes redundant. They do not in fact get any smarter. They simply appear smarter because they can recount redundant facts with ever more elaboration. This passes for high intelligence, because most people cannot ever reach this level, let alone pass it to the next. There is a horizontal asymptote above the mind of the liberal artist. He will continue on infinitely in the horizontal direction but never reach upward. In fact, it is sometimes shocking the degenerate smut that is recommended by university literature professors, who just like the sex addict or music addict is looking to degenerate and confusing forms of literature just to keep it interesting. The liberal arts realm should only be a pit stop for the higher mind.

It is mathematics which can absorb the mind for an entire lifetime without ever turning to degeneracy. For one can never reach the end. One can only climb higher and higher or get stuck forever trying. The mind is occupied with problem solving rather than memorization and repetition. The mind is occupied with pure numbers and not the physical things of the world. In mathematics the mind is ever challenged, ever purified.