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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Someone recently asked me why I bother with White supremacy as an ideology.  Why burden yourself with such a large in-group beyond the scope of human perception? Why concern yourself with the plight and survival of an entire race, of which you are a member of? Why not chase blind hedonism, setting your sights on something infinitely more tangible and achievable?

This question inspired in me some introspection. Looking around at my peers, society and the so-called “Manosphere”, I can certainly see a broad spectrum of this principle in practice. A soft form of hedonism is embraced implicitly as the common zeitgeist; Your average Joe goes to work every day and then attempts to numb his mind and soul during the night with video games and TV, and then booze and partying on the weekends. That’s the purpose of his muted existence.

And at the other end, we have the PUAs and hardcore nihilists. For the PUA, everything is suborned to your sexual impulses by its very definition; Essentially the PUA goal lies in mimicry of the teenage boy pursuit for pussy, cryogenically frozen and extended beyond-adolescence, like something out of a uninspired, Judeo-Hollywood American Pie offshoot.

Hedonism (by which I define as the explicit pursuit of “pleasure” as the direct and dominant motivating force of an individual) unto itself is the blind emancipation of one’s own impulses and feelings over everything else. You surrender yourself to the Beast Within, submerging yourself in the lymphatic fluid of self-involved carnality and narcissistic solipsism. It’s ultimately, a feminine embrace of childish decadence, and a fast track towards a route of ever-diminishing returns (of pleasure) and addiction. It, in the end, will even fail to deliver that which it offers by its very definition, as your tolerance to it grows.

In the end, I say to hell with all of that. The masculine condition is always to strive towards and encompass strength. As White men, the indomitable force of our being is in our unquenchable thirst for exploration; even the constant bombardment of creativity-sapping media cannot truly dull that creative desire for innovation. With this in mind, it is unsurprising as to why 98% of scientific accomplishments from 800AD-1950AD were from White European males.

As White supremacists, it is an imperative for us to meet and exceed the achievements of our ancestors. We live in a time where we stand on the shoulders of giants; we have  unprecedented access to information the likes of which has never been even imagined, and technology with which our capacity to invent and innovate grows exponentially cheaper and more powerful by the year. Our ancestors paved the way for unending human potential. Are we less than them?

The Wright Brothers:

They started with bicycles and small scale wind tunnel models, then gliders, and then sequentially added more alterations and augmentations to their designs, going back to the drawing board and fine-tuning their machinations, coming to ever-greater heights than was thought possible until it finally culminated in a power-driven plane capable of sustained flight. They were able to achieve that which many completely refuted the feasibility of.

Endemic to achieving this feat was a solid understanding of physics, aerodynamics and of mathematics. An additional crucial component an innovator needs is a strong and unbreakable drive to pursue such a dream; This to me personifies the European character; High testosterone and high IQ on their own lead to destruction and stable stagnation respectively, but the combination of both is an unstoppable tornado of intellectual and creative power.

Here’s an example of some of the mathematics the Wright brothers had to tweak in order to make their dream of controlled flight possible:

The Lift Equation:

L = lift in pounds
k = coefficient of air pressure (Smeaton coefficient)
S = total area of lifting surface in square feet
V = velocity (headwind plus ground speed) in miles per hour
CL = coefficient of lift (varies with wing shape)

Nikolai Tesla:

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated White scientists of all history, Tesla left behind a sizable and impressive legacy. One immediately noticeable invention of Tesla’s was of the Alternating Current electricity, immensely more powerful and efficient over Thomas Edison’s much promoted Direct Current, of which is still is used contemporarily to power our various applications, hardware and devices. He also pioneered robotics via the creation of the remote control, and also wireless energy transfer, without which we would have no televisions, radio and the internet. He was much beyond his time, even our present time.

Interestingly, Tesla was also pro-eugenics. He had a sizable FBI file, possibly in due no small part to some of his experiments in his laboratory leading to random tremors and earthquakes wreaking havoc in the surrounding city. In latter years, he had plans for the invention of a deathray.

Tesla personifies a complete and pure will to power. His will manifested itself in a total obsession and devotion to the pursuit of science and scientific discovery, contributing an unending amount of potential to society and securing his own name in the history books.

Ultimately, a weak ideology, especially one that demands a minimal contribution of energy and loyalty from its adherents will always lose out against a stronger, more militant ideology. Its energy and presence will essentially be sucked up and overwhelmed by the Other. Debates and rationality don’t win over the masses. Displays of strength and dominance do, time and time again. Hence why Whites with balls are not shown on the Jewish media; Their very presence would give its White male audience a recognisable biological reaction to strive towards such an example. And that’s the real reason why they’re losing their mind control power.


The Future of White Nationalism

October 14, 2011 14 comments

White nationalism has been around for long enough that we can begin to segregate between beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.  The beginner level would be awareness of interracial crime, Hispanic/African/Muslim immigration to Europe, North America, and Oceania.  The intermediate level sees the practitioner moving into causes: the Jews, Israel, the idea of a Zionist occupied government (ZOG), and the Holocaust.

The advanced level is the most important, and the focus of this site.  Here, we focus on self development and what whites need in order to be worthy of our heritage.  The other levels are necessary first because they allow one to purge bad ideas and to question old beliefs.  It’s too large a step to take the average DWL and expect him to believe in white racial solidarity all in one shot.

Further, as one’s level rises, commitment must rise.  The higher one’s level the fewer real teachers there are.  To be controversial, I believe that a standard must be maintained.  I like making analogies to card counting, a hobby of mine.  To win in a loud, smokey, crowded casino, one must play flawlessly while providing surveillance with an act that one is not counting.  Teams assure that their members can do this by “check-outs”, tests such as counting down a 8 deck shoe with no errors in playing decisions and betting.  These are often done with the radio and TV cranked up, with servers bumping into you and asking you questions.

Right now there are so few advanced WNs that I don’t see a profit in an explicit test. Still, a demonstrable commitment to excellence and one’s own potential must be present. There should be public statements of projects, studies and progress reports. White nationalists who have taken upon themselves the title of experts or leaders must be held to a higher standard. My goal in this post is to plant that seed.

To this end, I’d like to announce to the readers that I will in the next three months be learning a new counting system, will be reviewing old GRE vocabulary lists to improve weakness discovered by lumocity, re-learning programming with Baal’s C++ manual and will be working on another project to be announced later.  I will post updates for the purpose of accountability and for education purposes.  Anyone else who feels the need to is invited to do likewise.  Ideally, we can push each other to become better.

The Retreat to Primitivism

October 9, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday, I attended the “Occupy Los Angeles” protest, which is the west coast wing of “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I have a certain sympathy with anyone who recognizes the extreme disparity between rich and poor in our society. In the United States 10% of the population owns 71% of the nation’s wealth and the top 1% owns 38%. I’m all for hard working and intelligent people to earn more than those who don’t work as hard. However, that is not the case in the US. There are many ways in which the rich have extreme advantages over the rest. Also, there is a difference between a greater reward and lordship which is where we are today. We have guys driving around in submarines with helicopter pads while millions are sleeping on the sidewalks.

The rich like to claim that they made all of their money by themselves and owe nothing to society. How much money would they have made without low paid workers? How much without publicly funded roads? How much without buildings? How much without a publicly funded military in which low paid soldiers bring resources to America from throughout the world? How much without a publicly funded police force to protect their assets. How much without publicly educated employees? How much without publicly funded water, electrical, postal system and internet? The wealthy could not be wealthy if it were not for the support network which they receive in our society.

Let’s take the flipside. Let’s say that they do owe nothing to the rest of society. In that case we owe nothing to them. If it’s every man for himself, then we should simply march up to their homes and drag them out. He uses his wealth. I can use my muscle.

Among other things, this disparity of wealth, raising the rich to the status of nobility has caused the average man to question modernity itself. The average man has a very limited understanding of history. He does not know for example that the average life span in 1900 was 65. The average lifespan in 1800 was 55. The average lifespan before that was in the 20’s. Modernity is pretty fucking cool.

The problem today is that the average guy is made to feel like a loser. He sees people who are not a great deal smarter than himself driving expensive cars and living in mansions, while he works like hell just to keep a roof over his head. If he watches television, his psyche is in for a real bruising. Everyone on television, including the commercials, looks like a super model, drives several SUVs has a stable marriage (to a super model) and lives in a mansion. This is the average family in something as mundane as a soap commercial!

The reaction is that people are giving up. There are many revolutionary and alternative movements out there today. Some don’t recognize themselves as revolutionary. Almost all of these groups who believe that they are in opposition to one another are actually on the same side. It is the side of primitivism.

The largest primitivist group is the xian movement. The xians, with a few exceptions have maintained an anti-science stance. From their arson of the Alexandrian Library and murder of it’s librarian Hypatia to their opposition to heliocentrism, to their modern attacks on the teaching of evolution and their opposition to solving the global warming crisis. One xian on this very blog questioned the truth of mathematics! This is by far the largest and most dangerous of primitive reactions to modernity, because it enjoys sympathy among the general population. I believe that in the US this working class, primitivist, reactionary movement only needs difficult economic times and a popular military general to sweep us back to the middle ages.

Obviously communism and anarchism would swamp us with so many non-Whites that any hope for modernity would be lost, no matter what their official positions on science may be.

Neo-Paganism is also a primitivist movement. Although it is an Aryan movement and I do sympathize with their respect for our traditions, their wish to return to a glorious Germanic age which never existed, is not the path of modernity. One can see their glorification of the middle ages, just like the xtians. Aaah, life was simpler then. You died at birth. So did your mom. You didn’t need to study, just run around being glorious with your sword. Bullshit! The Germans used to sell their children as slaves to the Romans just for food.

I know several extremely intelligent followers of Asatru, but most of it is Hollywood movie Viking dress up and a wish to return to an age where they could be mentally lazy. Also, the advocacy of things which are simply untrue does not sit well with me, like guys flying around in the sky with eight legged horses and such. Just like the xians, the wannabe Viking neo-pagans, and superstitious “traditionalists” are primitivist movements guided by liberal arts adherents.

No! It is time to shape up and discipline ourselves. It is time to study hard, not what interests you, but what society demands. That is math and science. The future can be yours, but not by retreating to a fantasy vision of the middle ages. We must restore community spirit and a degree of socialism, but not at the expense of forward progress.

Mathematics – The Highest Form of Thought

September 25, 2011 14 comments

In the post “Going From Innumerate to Math Whiz in No Time Flat”, I introduced the concept of the “Knowledge Pyramid”. This is an important concept for a greater reason than simply to encourage mathematics. For the active mind, it is a pathway to a pure life.

The lower forms of existence are only helpful for raising one to the next level. When one gets stuck on a level, which is the normal human condition, the result is stagnation in the best case, and degeneracy in the worst.

Take for example the first level. Sex, drugs, and base beat-driven negro-inspired music. If one spends a great deal of time and energy geared toward sex, one will attempt many different sexual experiences. First, with one’s girlfriend, one might try all sorts of things in order to make this very simple process more interesting. Eventually it can get to become really disgusting and degenerate. After a time, one girl will not be enough. If it is continued through many different girls, perhaps even girls will not be enough of a thrill. I don’t need to describe how low and vile sexuality can become if too much time and energy are invested there. One should really move on.

In music those who enjoy nigger inspired rock music and spend too much time there, end up listening to industrial noise, black metal, and all sorts of degenerate musical forms which largely abandon the attempt to even sound good. After too much time is dedicated to this form, one often ends up listening to sheer noise, simply to keep this simple form interesting and new. Just like a drug addict chases “the dragon”, the great experience that he can never replicate or satisfy, so too does the obsessive music fan. 20th Century classical music and art even resort to the same thing. When music students get tired of listening to Beethoven and Puccini they start listening to random symphonic noise. When art students get tired of Monet they turn to Picasso. This can be seen as the musical and artistic equivalent of the excesses in the sexual realm.

Those who have run sex, music and drugs to an excessive level often find solace in religion, which is the next level on the pyramid. How many ex-drug addicts and musicians and perverts of various stripes thank the lord for saving them. For people who are extremely unintelligent, this really is the best they can do and it is often recognized as a positive step in their lives. If they can get lost in the bible and keep a nine to five job for the rest of their lives, then they have made a marked improvement. In fact, it is the process of reading and listening to lectures which has reduced the physical pull on their psyche, and not the actual message itself. If one spends time reading and thinking, even if it’s about nonsense, their physical desires will decrease. It is why both priests and professors are often celibate and ascetic even though they don’t subscribe to the same philosophy.

For the slightly higher intellect, religion is only a brief stopping point on the way to the next level. When he fails to take the next step up the pyramid, he becomes lost in a fog of super-naturalism. Just as with the sex addict and drug addict the religious addict simply absorbs more and more fantasy. He becomes steeped in all sorts of mystical nonsense. Catholicism is made to absorb such people for a lifetime. One can study church history, the lives of the saints, and fantastic stories as numerous as they are blatantly absurd.

For those of other backgrounds, Buddhism and Hinduism provide the same never ending fantasy world. Many protestants, for lack of a rich fantasy pool of their own, end up on one of these eastern paths or some Westernized new age plagiarism of them.

A good college education will usually put the religious mind in contact with enough superior minds to cure him of his religiosity, or at least make him ashamed to admit otherwise, and he will get stuck in the liberal arts realm.

Both the religious realm and the liberal arts realm create an interesting model. They both rely on words. In this way, the longer one spends in either of the two realms, if they are actively studying, will necessarily become skillful with the use of words. In fact, they will become more skillful wordsmiths than what is normal for a human being. They can thus appear to the less practiced as being more intelligent than they really are.

This is why a priest is able to dazzle the less educated, and even obtain undue respect in certain educational circles. You find the same condition among lawyers. Neither the priest nor the attorney may have learned anything really new, or exercised his brain in any meaningful way in decades. They have simply acquired more words with which to mystify and confuse their listener. Religious articles and the ironically named legal “brief” are often notable for their girth and wordiness. However, when one boils it down to the point, if one can ever find the point, which is buried like a needle in a haystack, one will often find that it is pure bullshit at base.

The liberal arts man does not move up in his thinking. He moves sideways. He simply collects more and more facts and ever more words. After a point, it all becomes redundant. They do not in fact get any smarter. They simply appear smarter because they can recount redundant facts with ever more elaboration. This passes for high intelligence, because most people cannot ever reach this level, let alone pass it to the next. There is a horizontal asymptote above the mind of the liberal artist. He will continue on infinitely in the horizontal direction but never reach upward. In fact, it is sometimes shocking the degenerate smut that is recommended by university literature professors, who just like the sex addict or music addict is looking to degenerate and confusing forms of literature just to keep it interesting. The liberal arts realm should only be a pit stop for the higher mind.

It is mathematics which can absorb the mind for an entire lifetime without ever turning to degeneracy. For one can never reach the end. One can only climb higher and higher or get stuck forever trying. The mind is occupied with problem solving rather than memorization and repetition. The mind is occupied with pure numbers and not the physical things of the world. In mathematics the mind is ever challenged, ever purified.

Going from Innumerate to Math Whiz in No Time Flat

September 20, 2011 24 comments

I would like to begin this post with a little bit about my own background. I think that it is important, because I don’t want to give the impression that I was born with skills that the readers do not themselves possess.

My goals and motivations for writing these posts may be found in my earlier posts. It is not in order to feel superior to others. I do not. It is to inspire those who I’m capable of inspiring.

For two decades I had no desire to learn anything. I came from a broken home, was a “latch key kid” and went through a very violent metropolitan public school system. Growing up, being tough seemed a lot more important than learning. I did manage to graduate high school, not because of my achievement, but because my minimal efforts and minimal attendance were enough to pass in a system flooded with non-Whites.

Eventually immigration forced me out of the working class and into community college. After wasting a number of years in community college, something clicked inside me and I eventually fell in love with learning simply for the sake of learning. Because I had wasted 20 years of my life drinking, fighting, and playing music, I felt a compulsion to make up for lost time that made me work harder than most. For the last 20 years, I’ve spent every waking hour studying.

Now, around the age of 20, when I actually decided to begin learning something, liberal arts was my strong point. I had a keen interest in history, politics and language. I taught myself several languages quickly and then went on to study them at university.

I had no aptitude for or interest in math, science or technology whatsoever. Before I transferred to university from my community college, I had to drop “Math for Liberal Arts” two times before finally passing it with just barely the score I needed in order to transfer.

After college, I worked in several professional fields which did not demand a math background. However, I did not earn well and did not see a bright future ahead when looking at older members of my trade.

So, I moved into a technical field simply for the money. In this field, I was expected to learn Trigonometry. I thought that was the most terrifyingly difficult hurdle to jump, but had to do it, as the modern economy was just moving too fast for my liberal arts skills to keep up.

The reason I post about my background is that I want to dispel the lie that there are math people and other people. I was the other if ever there was one. This lie makes math folks feel unjustly inherently superior and gives the others an excuse to not put in the effort. This is why it is unintentionally perpetuated.

Once you are out of the high pressure academic setting, you can take your time and gain your bearings. Once you become accustomed to the new subject matter, you’ll advance with the same speed and ease as those you may have previously watched with awe and envy.

What shocked me was that outside of the academic setting, when my grade wasn’t an issue, I found trigonometry to be incredibly easy. I even found it to be fun. After breezing through trig, it made me want to take another look at mathematics. I started dabbling in calculus and found that it was just as easy as trig. Of course, my poor performance in high school left a lot of gaping holes in my knowledge. So, I knew that I had to back up and fill those gaps before I could truly master calculus.

A few years previous, feeling embarrassingly ignorant of computers and seeing how prevalent they were becoming, I bought a book called “Building a PC for Dummies.” I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I just read it and did whatever the book said to do. When I was done there was a fully assembled computer standing before me and when I pushed the button, lo and behold, it worked.

That made me an ardent fan of the “Dummies” series. So, even though more knowledgeable people tried to steer me away from them and toward textbooks, when I decided to revisit math, I turned to my non-threatening Dummies books.

This post is directed toward people like myself. If you do well with textbooks, as I do now, then stick with those. However, if you are intimidated by the subject and girth of a textbook, as I was a decade ago, I highly recommend the following reading list comprised almost entirely of Dummies books and all available over the counter at your local bookstore. This is how I learned, and if I can do it, you certainly can no matter who you are or what your background or age may be.

Algebra for Dummies
Geometry for Dummies
Algebra 2 for Dummies
Trigonometry for Dummies
Pre-Calculus for Dummies
The Calculus Lifesaver
Calculus for Dummies
Calculus 2 for Dummies
Linear Algebra for Dummies

Once you’re half way through this list, you will possess the skills and confidence to tackle any math book or other resource.

This entire process can be completed easily within 2 years.

For those who are more accustomed to the internet, youtube has a resource that will work equally well. It is called “Khan Academy”. Simply start at the first video and watch until you’re an expert in all fields. If you get stuck in any of the books I suggest or on any Khan Academy video, simply do a youtube search for the subject you’re stuck on, and you will find a variety of tutorial videos done by different people. You’ll find that by taking on any tough subject from a number of different angles, you’ll overcome them.

If you don’t understand why you would need to begin such a course of study, please read my other posts. You may not agree with me, but you might at least want to consider what I’ve said.

Please also allow me to recommend the book “C++ for Dummies”.

With absolutely no programming experience, this easy and fun book will make you an expert in computer programming, making you eligible for very high paying employment. This book begins by teaching you how to turn on a computer! It ends with the most technically advanced programming concepts that you will ever need in order to land a programming job.


Now no Ba’alTanit post would be complete without a little bit of bombastic, and perhaps divisive dogma. So, if you’re thin skinned, or have strongly disagreed with any one of my previous posts this is your warning: Please stop reading here and end on a positive note. If you have agreed with my previous posts, continue on.

In the spirit of the “Food Pyramid” and “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, I believe that there is a “Knowledge Pyramid”. There is overlap between these levels to be sure. However, I still believe that the following pyramid does provide a fairly accurate rough outline.

1.) Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are on the bottom.

2.) Religion, alcohol and sports are just above them.

3.) Liberal arts are above them.

4.) Math, science and technology are at the top.

It is at the top where the true Aryan dwells. It is where man makes a living based on personal achievement, and not his gift of gab, his creation and not the public coffer.

Liberal arts are the realm of the priest, the lawyer and politician, the parasite.

When I say “European” I mean all of those around the world of European ancestry.

In math you will honor your White ancestors whether they be the aqueduct engineers of Rome, the 16 and 17th century European inventors and explorers, or the 18-20th century European and American scientists and inventors. It is they that truly shape the world, while monarchs, presidents and generals take the credit.

Join the Fray!

How a Few Can Change the Course of History

September 6, 2011 12 comments

As of today, there is no viable movement for the future of the White race. The White movement today is divided roughly into two equally ineffective camps, the ignorant beer swiller and the selfish and effete egg-head. Either could solve our problems, but both lack the will. The beer swiller is too preoccupied with having a good time and doesn’t want personal risk. The egg head doesn’t even want change, really. He is so comfortable that he doesn’t want to rock the boat too much. He just likes to read interesting journals.

Our goal is not to continue recruiting more of these useless people either with rock concerts or more IQ and race articles. Our goal must be to create an entirely autonomous movement from scratch.

What every movement needs more than anything else is money. The beer swiller has none to give. The egg head will not let any go.

For this reason, we must breed an entirely new kind of activist; a rare kind of activist. Because this new breed will be, by its very demands, a rare breed, we must have a movement which does not demand more than a few members to achieve total victory. Sounds impossible? Not hardly!

I propose that we scrap the existing racial movement all together. A few disciplined and self-sacrificing activists will achieve victory alone. The plan demands that only a few activists dedicate themselves to the cause for approximately 10-20 years.

These activists must dedicate themselves to taking the highest paid jobs in the country. Right now the average Spinal Surgeon in the US earns $600,000 dollars per year; above average can be in the millions. One such earner could finance an entire movement if he was dedicated to the cause instead of himself. In fact, he could fund the creation of entire communities and still live like a king himself.

If such a one were willing to spend ten years studying to gain such employment and then invest several million to set up a community and a school, he could create more such people and within a couple of generations there would be many such people and untold millions of dollars at our disposal. Even if most of them become greedy and selfish as often happens with the moneyed class, there would still be a few who would remain loyal. It would only require a few to fund any projects we need and victory would be ours. We would soon be able to out spend the Jews. Soon thereafter, the mass of White funds would come to us as it would be far more natural for White people to side with us than with the Jews as they do today through fear.

So, White man, there are already people following this plan. Take the personal pledge, no matter your age. Do it yourself. Raise your children toward the same goal. Encourage your friends to do the same. If you agree with this post, please take the time to read my other posts. If you find any that you agree with, please pass them along to others so that these ideas get to the right people, who may not know of this site.

If you are a professional already, and have a conscience, stop hoarding and make sure you’re donating to a group regularly, not a journal or political party, but someone who’s building White homogeneous community right now! We’ve had enough of theoretical ideas. We need concrete results on the ground.

I recommend the following two groups, and only the following two groups, for very specific reasons:

1.) The PLE at Kalispell, Montana because they have actually moved people to the pacific northwest. They need and deserve your financial support.

2.) The Nationalist Coalition You should only donate specifically to their White student scholarship. Make sure that your money goes to fund this specific project. This is the only organisation that is trying to better our race through encouraging education for our youth.

If you are in contact with either of these groups, encourage them to join forces. What needs to happen is an educated community in the pacific northwest. If these two groups worked in cooperation great things could happen.

Eventually we could fund the education of proven, self-sacrificing activists and require in return a certain number of years service upon graduation to pay the movement back for its investment. This is the same policy practised today by labor union apprenticeships.

In this age of repression against our ideas, the high-profile movements are a drain of resources and a liability. Whoring for the cameras, marching, flyer distributions, running for office, and all of the other wasteful publicity stunts, only alert our powerful enemies to our existence and our actions in order that they might suppress us. Also, by recruiting 10 worthless members for every one that will actually contribute work, you flood your group with liability. A criminal among you will cause your group to be shut down, and an informant among you can do the same. None of what I propose requires any publicity whatsoever, just hard work.

Stop allowing your money to be frittered away on vain election campaigns or repetitive journal articles. Do something lasting and productive.

The New Man

August 29, 2011 12 comments

Building the New Man

In my first installment, I attempted to briefly summarize the proper outlook on child rearing. This is the next installment, geared toward the adult or mature teen. In other words, this is the installment for those who are capable of reading, evaluating, and making their own decisions in life.

It is important to mention my motivations for writing such pieces. It is not because I desire to tell others how to live, or to make myself feel superior to others. If that is how it seems, I’m willing to accept that stigma in service of a higher cause.

The motivation follows: For many years I have been concerned with the state of our people around the world. I have tried all of the conventional ways of combatting our problems, and studied the results of my labors and those of my peers and enemies keenly. It is as a result of these careful observations that I have lost faith in the mass movement concept as a means to an ultimate end.

If we have any chance of victory as a people, it will not be the result of the masses of people, or any democratic electoral victory. It will be the work of a vanishingly small number of people who are wholly dedicated to long term goals. It is my goal only to reach and cultivate or redirect the focus of this small group of capable people.

The working class is dying. For most of our history, the majority of White people were occupied in farming. Intense mental excercise was not necessary to maintain life for these people. Moderate intellect and an extraordinary self-discipline and work ethic were the requirements for survival and success.

As agriculture gave way to industrialization, the White man went through a brutal transformation. The peasants of eastern Europe underwent a brutal restructuring under communism causing mass death due revolution and forced collectivization. Western Europe saw WW1 and, later, the rapid growth of National Socialist Germany and suffered much loss of life as a result of their attempted expansion eastward. The US underwent a civil war, shared WW1 with Europe and suffered a crippling economic depression as the newly industrialized working class lived at the mercy of unregulated industrial capitalists.

The industrialization of the White man culminated in WW2. With the world’s resources now able to be exploited and controlled by a fewer number of people, it was up for grabs. The war was really only ever between those with the intelligence capable of ruling such a world. Clearly, it would be a White man’s war. While Germany made a far better attempt than could ever be rightfully expected of such a small tribe, they were never truly in the game. Even if they had won, they could never have successfully policed and held an occupied European continent for an extended period of time. For unlike the traditional European empires (France, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain) it was Aryans that Germany attempted to conquer and subjugate. Aryans, whatever their differences, are no Africans or Amerindians and will not stand for colonization or replacement at the hands of a foreign tribe.

The world eventually fell to the only two Aryan tribes large enough to hold it; the Russians and the Americans. The new industrialized methods of war caused catastrophic death the likes of which mankind has never before experienced.

Peace will be short lived, however, because now a new age is upon us. As our forebears suffered a brutal restructuring transition period between nomadic cattle raising and the advent of sedentary farming, to which the Sumerian alegorical tale, now told as the tale of Cain and Abel, bears witness, and the transformation between agriculture and industrialism which I have just described above, we are now upon a new transformation.

Although we have barely caught our breath after the industrial restructuring, we must now prepare ourselves for the technological age which is fast upon us. This may be the most catastrophic age of the historical period of man. For while agriculture enabled man to increase in number, and industrialized farming allowed for even greater increase in population, technology requires far less manpower. For those with the courage to look at the subject without fear or emotion, the implications cannot be overstated.

The fact is that a technological age calls for an entirely different skill set than does agriculture or industry. The industrious yoeman/factory worker is unecessary. Today, it is the man who directs his tireless industry to the mind who will prevail. Virtually all non-Aryans will be unecessary. Virtually all Aryans will be unecessary. Among Aryans, we have a distinct advantage in that we have an intellectual head start when compared to other races. We have a creative spark that most, but not all, other races lack. However, that will not be enough. It will only be the very few Aryans who can dilligently apply their intellect that will have the possibility of advancing into the next age.

Forget the passtimes and values of the agricultural and industrial man, to whom I will from now on refer to as the working class. Just as the farmer had to work the fields for 12 hours per day to earn his bread, the technological man must work his brain for 12 hours per day to maintain his survival and relevance.

This means an end to free time as we have known it up until now. The modern man must study. The modern man must study 12 to 14 hours a day, unless part of that time is occupied by working at a job. The hobbies of the working class must be abandoned entirely. Music, sports, alcohol and religion are those hobbies which are destructive and time wasting. They must be eradicated entirely from one’s own life. Friendships with those who adhere to these vices must be eliminated as well.

The studies of the past nobility must be relegated to the status of hobby or passtime among the modern man. Those are the liberal arts: History, philosophy, literature, language etc. While they are necessary as hobbies for personal cultivation, they should not interfere with serious modern study. Art should be eradicated entirely as a useless passtime.

Serious modern study consists of math, science and technology. It is these subjects, and these only, which modern man should consider as serious forms of study. Robots will soon take the place of the working class, the “well read” and “cultured”. It will only be those with enough technical proficiency capable of running mechanized civilization that will remain relevent in the future. This is a warning to the White man. Adapt or die.