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On Love and Hate

November 13, 2011 2 comments

A brief perusal of modern media will give one a strong impression of what the mainstream characterisation of love and hate are. One must ask himself “How has the nature  of love and hate changed, and why has it changed?”

Along with most of the notions and perspectives that modern Western societies cling to haplessly, the idea of love has been holistically submerged and consumed by its unadulterated and unmoderated feminine form. The modern definition of love is characterised with a feminine sensitivity and sensuality, and the output is more the product of unrestrained emotionality and unhealthy attachment rather than what would come of being in a healthy and rational society. We can observe the impact of the unrestricted maternal-instinct on the mind simply by looking at the children of single mothers.

What love really is is a strong bond and respect for some one or some thing- your people, your family, your kin- that is established with definitive limits and boundaries as dictated and watched over by the more paternalist sensibilities of the society. The real man is prepared to sacrifice his love for someone if it is contravened by and something stronger and more endemically important; his pride, his honour, his loyalty. A higher duty always exists within the mind of the true man. Idealism, loyalty, steadfastness and defiance.

But with the usurpation of the unrestrained feminine instinct of “love”, what we are left with is a hollow, Oxycontin-fueled love that softens and fattens up the enervated soul. Even men fall victim to this “modern” tendency to bow to indulgent emotionality as an end-unto-itself. Without any masculine paternalism guiding and restricting this female tendency, danger always looms near, and self-destruction is an inevitable part of the flow.

The society that foists upon its young morality that embraces unconditional love and decadent emotionality will produce spoiled and decadent people. The modern family man is an especially relevant example to observe; restricted and pinned down by the teaching and receipt of feminine love, the modern husband and father is an unwitting slave; led astray by the declining society that promised him American dreams and exponential wealth was instead force-fed compromised restraint and enforced passivity and submission.

In line with Judeo-promoted culturally Marxist/Gramscian critical theorising, hate and aggression from a White man is perceived as evil-no matter the conditions that produce or lead to it, or the biology that necessitates it. A White man who wants to stand up for his race is thus branded a “Hater”. A healthy individual cannot love without hating, hating that that would destroy and defile him, or that which he holds dearest. In a rational mind, hate is a healthy, evolutionary-sound response to encountering someone or something that wants to do your or your’s harm; You loath the being that wishes ill upon you, and strive to cause its extinction or subjugation.

We can also levy a hefty allotment of  blame to the once-prevailing Christian moral system.  The echoing ethos’ personified in the Sermon of the Mount, preaching such gems as “love thy enemy” and “turn the other cheek” was, by design, engineered to produce a kind of unconditional universalism in its adherents that make them easy and docile to rule over. Creating a virtue of meekness and subservience and made our people intoxicated with willful submission, essentially unable to decipher the true nature of things, of humanity especially. A large proportion of the modern churches are especially female-run or female-centric, with unrestrained maternality juxtaposed with modern value-maximising, feminist sluttiness posing as the height of spiritual purity and moral authority, with a mass of morally subverted and psychologically depleted males looking on in accepting confusion. A PUA’s dream.

As Whites devoted to empowering and defending our people, we must take heed of this warning. Those of us that unwittingly buy into the logic of today have embraced an ultimately, effeminate and subservient worldview. The failing in this perspective is that it cannot and will not build strong White men nor a strong White society, and it renders you at a crippling disadvantage.

Adherence to this modern view will instead lead you to the mercy of those that cannot or will not serve your best interests, and recruit your own decimation, spiritually, physically, totally.

The choice is yours.


The Retreat to Primitivism

October 9, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday, I attended the “Occupy Los Angeles” protest, which is the west coast wing of “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I have a certain sympathy with anyone who recognizes the extreme disparity between rich and poor in our society. In the United States 10% of the population owns 71% of the nation’s wealth and the top 1% owns 38%. I’m all for hard working and intelligent people to earn more than those who don’t work as hard. However, that is not the case in the US. There are many ways in which the rich have extreme advantages over the rest. Also, there is a difference between a greater reward and lordship which is where we are today. We have guys driving around in submarines with helicopter pads while millions are sleeping on the sidewalks.

The rich like to claim that they made all of their money by themselves and owe nothing to society. How much money would they have made without low paid workers? How much without publicly funded roads? How much without buildings? How much without a publicly funded military in which low paid soldiers bring resources to America from throughout the world? How much without a publicly funded police force to protect their assets. How much without publicly educated employees? How much without publicly funded water, electrical, postal system and internet? The wealthy could not be wealthy if it were not for the support network which they receive in our society.

Let’s take the flipside. Let’s say that they do owe nothing to the rest of society. In that case we owe nothing to them. If it’s every man for himself, then we should simply march up to their homes and drag them out. He uses his wealth. I can use my muscle.

Among other things, this disparity of wealth, raising the rich to the status of nobility has caused the average man to question modernity itself. The average man has a very limited understanding of history. He does not know for example that the average life span in 1900 was 65. The average lifespan in 1800 was 55. The average lifespan before that was in the 20’s. Modernity is pretty fucking cool.

The problem today is that the average guy is made to feel like a loser. He sees people who are not a great deal smarter than himself driving expensive cars and living in mansions, while he works like hell just to keep a roof over his head. If he watches television, his psyche is in for a real bruising. Everyone on television, including the commercials, looks like a super model, drives several SUVs has a stable marriage (to a super model) and lives in a mansion. This is the average family in something as mundane as a soap commercial!

The reaction is that people are giving up. There are many revolutionary and alternative movements out there today. Some don’t recognize themselves as revolutionary. Almost all of these groups who believe that they are in opposition to one another are actually on the same side. It is the side of primitivism.

The largest primitivist group is the xian movement. The xians, with a few exceptions have maintained an anti-science stance. From their arson of the Alexandrian Library and murder of it’s librarian Hypatia to their opposition to heliocentrism, to their modern attacks on the teaching of evolution and their opposition to solving the global warming crisis. One xian on this very blog questioned the truth of mathematics! This is by far the largest and most dangerous of primitive reactions to modernity, because it enjoys sympathy among the general population. I believe that in the US this working class, primitivist, reactionary movement only needs difficult economic times and a popular military general to sweep us back to the middle ages.

Obviously communism and anarchism would swamp us with so many non-Whites that any hope for modernity would be lost, no matter what their official positions on science may be.

Neo-Paganism is also a primitivist movement. Although it is an Aryan movement and I do sympathize with their respect for our traditions, their wish to return to a glorious Germanic age which never existed, is not the path of modernity. One can see their glorification of the middle ages, just like the xtians. Aaah, life was simpler then. You died at birth. So did your mom. You didn’t need to study, just run around being glorious with your sword. Bullshit! The Germans used to sell their children as slaves to the Romans just for food.

I know several extremely intelligent followers of Asatru, but most of it is Hollywood movie Viking dress up and a wish to return to an age where they could be mentally lazy. Also, the advocacy of things which are simply untrue does not sit well with me, like guys flying around in the sky with eight legged horses and such. Just like the xians, the wannabe Viking neo-pagans, and superstitious “traditionalists” are primitivist movements guided by liberal arts adherents.

No! It is time to shape up and discipline ourselves. It is time to study hard, not what interests you, but what society demands. That is math and science. The future can be yours, but not by retreating to a fantasy vision of the middle ages. We must restore community spirit and a degree of socialism, but not at the expense of forward progress.