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The Retreat to Primitivism

October 9, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday, I attended the “Occupy Los Angeles” protest, which is the west coast wing of “Occupy Wall Street” movement. I have a certain sympathy with anyone who recognizes the extreme disparity between rich and poor in our society. In the United States 10% of the population owns 71% of the nation’s wealth and the top 1% owns 38%. I’m all for hard working and intelligent people to earn more than those who don’t work as hard. However, that is not the case in the US. There are many ways in which the rich have extreme advantages over the rest. Also, there is a difference between a greater reward and lordship which is where we are today. We have guys driving around in submarines with helicopter pads while millions are sleeping on the sidewalks.

The rich like to claim that they made all of their money by themselves and owe nothing to society. How much money would they have made without low paid workers? How much without publicly funded roads? How much without buildings? How much without a publicly funded military in which low paid soldiers bring resources to America from throughout the world? How much without a publicly funded police force to protect their assets. How much without publicly educated employees? How much without publicly funded water, electrical, postal system and internet? The wealthy could not be wealthy if it were not for the support network which they receive in our society.

Let’s take the flipside. Let’s say that they do owe nothing to the rest of society. In that case we owe nothing to them. If it’s every man for himself, then we should simply march up to their homes and drag them out. He uses his wealth. I can use my muscle.

Among other things, this disparity of wealth, raising the rich to the status of nobility has caused the average man to question modernity itself. The average man has a very limited understanding of history. He does not know for example that the average life span in 1900 was 65. The average lifespan in 1800 was 55. The average lifespan before that was in the 20’s. Modernity is pretty fucking cool.

The problem today is that the average guy is made to feel like a loser. He sees people who are not a great deal smarter than himself driving expensive cars and living in mansions, while he works like hell just to keep a roof over his head. If he watches television, his psyche is in for a real bruising. Everyone on television, including the commercials, looks like a super model, drives several SUVs has a stable marriage (to a super model) and lives in a mansion. This is the average family in something as mundane as a soap commercial!

The reaction is that people are giving up. There are many revolutionary and alternative movements out there today. Some don’t recognize themselves as revolutionary. Almost all of these groups who believe that they are in opposition to one another are actually on the same side. It is the side of primitivism.

The largest primitivist group is the xian movement. The xians, with a few exceptions have maintained an anti-science stance. From their arson of the Alexandrian Library and murder of it’s librarian Hypatia to their opposition to heliocentrism, to their modern attacks on the teaching of evolution and their opposition to solving the global warming crisis. One xian on this very blog questioned the truth of mathematics! This is by far the largest and most dangerous of primitive reactions to modernity, because it enjoys sympathy among the general population. I believe that in the US this working class, primitivist, reactionary movement only needs difficult economic times and a popular military general to sweep us back to the middle ages.

Obviously communism and anarchism would swamp us with so many non-Whites that any hope for modernity would be lost, no matter what their official positions on science may be.

Neo-Paganism is also a primitivist movement. Although it is an Aryan movement and I do sympathize with their respect for our traditions, their wish to return to a glorious Germanic age which never existed, is not the path of modernity. One can see their glorification of the middle ages, just like the xtians. Aaah, life was simpler then. You died at birth. So did your mom. You didn’t need to study, just run around being glorious with your sword. Bullshit! The Germans used to sell their children as slaves to the Romans just for food.

I know several extremely intelligent followers of Asatru, but most of it is Hollywood movie Viking dress up and a wish to return to an age where they could be mentally lazy. Also, the advocacy of things which are simply untrue does not sit well with me, like guys flying around in the sky with eight legged horses and such. Just like the xians, the wannabe Viking neo-pagans, and superstitious “traditionalists” are primitivist movements guided by liberal arts adherents.

No! It is time to shape up and discipline ourselves. It is time to study hard, not what interests you, but what society demands. That is math and science. The future can be yours, but not by retreating to a fantasy vision of the middle ages. We must restore community spirit and a degree of socialism, but not at the expense of forward progress.


Racial Socialism – A Path for a New Age

September 1, 2011 25 comments

When deciding upon a political ideology, everything must be on the table. In times of crisis, there should be no sacred cows. There is no sacred scroll which states that the racist movement should be aligned with right wing or conservative interests. In fact, I will attempt to point out that this is a mistake on the part of the vast majority of White men.

When we look back at history, we like to fancy ourselves as the nobility of the past. We fancy our noble ancestors riding on their gallant steeds in their shiny and glorious armor. In our reverie we ask “Why cant we return to those glorious days when our honored forefathers rode with sword in hand?”

The problem is that this view of history is absolutely ridiculous. The vast majority of White men were peasants. These people were in some form owned by a few wealthy landowners. If a White man wants to dream about the middle ages, he should fondly remember his smelly toothless ancestors toiling the fields under the watchful eye of armed knights, who, like the clergy of the time, did not earn their status but were born into a strong family. Try to imagine a George W Bush in a monk’s robe or clad in metal.

Of course, it was believed by the wealthy landowners that peasants were of lesser stock. That would be a helpful attitude if you wanted to own them and pass them along to your children. In fact, the lord was considered so far superior to his underlings that in the King James version of the bible they bestow the title upon their god.

So, is it true? Are we all of such low stock? If the nobility were so genetically superior to us, why could they not figure a way to subdue us? Today we see many examples of industrious, disciplined giants whose children just don’t measure up. By contrast, we also see many children of humble parents rise up to become giants of industry. Are we to believe that with competition barred by divine right that the temptation for sloth wouldn’t be all the greater?

Well, jumping ahead a bit, we arrived at the enlightenment. By then the invention of the printing press had made it possible for the poor to become a little bit closer to literacy. The discovery of lots of new land in the Americas allowed for more living space, and thus more options, for the hordes of Europe. Trade was beginning to make humbly born merchants more powerful than the landlords. The anti-royal and anti-papal movements that were by now widespread in England continued with vigor in the Americas, and culminated in the American revolution (not without a fair amount of support in England, it should be noted).

The American revolution was as much a Masonic revolution as the Russian revolution was a Communist one. There were plenty of Masons in England and France cheering it on. So, it was not only a war of independence, but an ideological war that stood against the idea of noble birth. The real story here is that it worked. The sons of peasants were, in fact, superior to the nobility. They defeated the nobility in battle, but that’s not all. The sons of the low born brought a surge in invention. It was not long after the revolutions of America and France that the industrial revolution took place with all of the invention that made it possible. America became a vast empire, as did France under Napoleon.

The Czar of Russia was a last hold out. Eventually change would come. Unfortunate, though it was, that the Jews had so much to gain from dismantling the old order and led the Bolsheviks to power, the change had to and would have come eventually with or without them. It was the inevitable result of industrialization. The Russian folk would not remain lowly submissive peasants forever. The Czar’s absurd family itself shows the fallacy of noble superiority. If that wasn’t enough, the growth of a Soviet empire and the explosion of scientific and mathematical creativity exhibited by the soviets should lay the notion to waste.

Despite the brutality displayed by the Bolsheviks, once the transition was complete, they at least showed that deploying money and resources into the peasantry could create a highly educated and creative race, one that could rival, and at times surpass, those of the traditional west.

If the reader will agree that birth does not make a man superior within the White race, then one must consider the implications of supporting the rich and their interests in the White world today.

I am not opposed to “multiculturalism”, but multiracism. A variety of Aryan cultures is welcome in my opinion. We should keep our terminology straight and accurate, and not use cowardly and misleading euphemisms. These types of confusing terms lead us to supporting White on White ethnic disputes which slaughter White children.

So, getting our terminology straight, and using my own nation’s history, let’s examine who got us into the multi-racial mess in the first place. Was it the left and the working class? I think not. The first massive integration project in America was caused by the wealthy landowners, who did not want to pay Aryan workers. They brought millions of niggers from Africa into our land, knowing full well what the eventual results would mean for our race. Why did they do it? For a profit and nothing else.

Fast forward 100 years or so. Another enormous wave of non-Whites was brought in by rich capitalist railroad owners, over the objections of the White working class and, in particular, the left. The Chinese laborers were brought into our country to lower the wages and safety provisions for the workers. The California Irishman Dennis Kearney began the Workingman’s Party to defend White men from the Chinese. Much of San Francisco is named after this great White man and champion of the workers. The famed California author and devoted Marxist, Jack London wrote stories against the Jews and a genocidal story about exterminating the Chinese using biological warfare.

I cannot find one instance of non-Whites being brought in to the US by the left or by the labor unions. In fact, it was the policy of the AFL to not allow non-Whites membership. The AFL-CIO opposed immigration until very recently. It was Ronald Reagan, modern hero of the Republican Party and millions of conservatives, who signed a sweeping amnesty granting, with the stroke of a pen, millions of illegal Mexicans full citizenship to the United States. I cannot find any similar instance on the left.

Finally, being utterly broken by illegal immigration, did the AFL-CIO join the Democrats in endorsing illegal immigrants. This was only out of necessity, because the unions rely on the Democrats for jobs, and the democrats rely on the poor for votes. So, to lay the fault of multi-racism on the lap of the left is as cynical a move as it is absurd. It wasn’t the homes of the working class left that the Mexicans were cleaning! It wasn’t the children of the working class left that the Mexicans were babysitting! It wasn’t the factories of the working class left that the Mexicans were staffing! The right wing, in their slavish support for the rich capitalist have helped the rich absolutely destroy our nation!

That is not all. They support church power and rule by superstition, in a time when mankind has made the most incredible scientific discoveries and technological advancement. They stand in opposition to our lowering the populations of Africa by distributing contraception. They wish to de-fund the public schools, which are the only way to train the young of the working class. They would scrap federal scholarships for the young of the working class, keeping a higher education out of reach. They stand in firm opposition to any attempts at curbing the disastrous and potentially suicidal effects of global warming.

Our support of “nationalism”, even adopting it as our own moniker is constantly confused with petty ethnic massacres between Serbs, Bosnians and Croats, or Irish and English, and the number would increase tenfold if we continued to feed such mad rivalries which exist in many European nations. The world is a smaller place today. Our race could act in unison or we could begin a new cold war and arms race. We should be breathing an enormous sigh of relief that we were not all blown to hell as a result of the cold war. Now with Europe and the US both marginalizing Russia, and Europe’s desire for competition with the US, what kind of future will petty “nationalism” provide for us? Shall we force Russia into alliance with China and India? Shall Europe and the US begin cold war anew in place of Russia and the US? No, my brothers, “small government” and national fragmentation will not provide a happy future for our puny little race against the flood of the non-White world. We need powerful, White global government, which manages and protects our race for the common good.

I will not argue whether or not the behavior of the right are moral or immoral behaviors, only that they are utterly stupid behaviors. In the modern age, if we are to remain competitive, when education and intelligence are so much more necessary for a nation’s strength than ever before, we cannot afford to continue with an “every man for himself” attitude. The White race is like a rape victim lying prone and in utter bewilderment and shock as the capitalist, having laid waste to our nation, pulls up and takes his factories to the third world.

White man! We do not need “limited” government. In this age, we need a government to give a lifetime of technical education to every White child, and a top notch university education to all who display the ability, regardless of the economics of their birth. Consider the scum which you support in your filthy Republican party! There is now an historically vast gulf between the rich and poor. It is a dangerous gulf. Do you fight to support the very people who have consistently ravaged your land and betrayed you? Do not think that I advocate for the Democrats. They, as well as the Jewish led radical left, have a shameful history with regard to the “civil rights” movement and “feminism”. So, I advocate for neither side of the rotten status quo. I advocate revolution! Pull your time and money out of the political play pen and prepare yourselves to fight like men.

We have guillotined the nobility before in our history, and showed that it did not adversely affect our ability for creativity and national strength. The wealthy should consider their positions because it is not out of the question that we might not do it again!

The Path to Victory

August 30, 2011 2 comments

The Path to Victory

There are currently around 400,000 self-proclaimed “White Nationalists” in the United States. There are probably around 1,000,000 world wide.

So, why are we complaining that someone else controls our destiny?

Simple. We are unorganized and have no game plan. If we put together our efforts, we’d out number and easily overpower our enemies in every sphere.

So, the wait is over. Here is the game plan. There is no more whining necessary. The more people we get to stick to the game plan, the closer we’ll be to victory.

The game plan consists of 3 stages. One does not wait for the others to be complete before beginning the others. Game plans like that never progress past the first stage.

1.) Move Whites to the furthest habitable northern region. In the US, that would be Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The fight for racial survival is a fight for the control of land. Without homogeneous living space, we will die.

There is already one organization which has had some success in this area and also can provide a ready made social group for new arrivals. This organization is the PLE in Kalispell. They may be reached at:

Money should be directed to this group, whether or not you agree with their ideology or approach. They are essential to our race’s survival for the reason which I mentioned above. Whites, rich or poor, that are willing to move, should be offered one way tickets to Kalispell. Buy a white man a cheap greyhound ticket. Then make a call to the PLE for them to meet him at the station. It’s as cheap and easy as that. If he wishes to return, he’ll have to pay his own way back.

2.) We must never condemn violence against non-Whites. It is illegal to advocate violence. So, we should not ever advocate such activity. However, it is not illegal to remain silent. So shut the fuck up! If someone risks going to jail on their own to keep our communities White just shut the fuck up! That should be our new slogan. We are not to call for violence, but we are also not to condemn or discourage our self-sacrificing brothers in jail. Simply exercise your constitutional right to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

3.) Self improvement. In our northwestern living space we should fund schools that make our race the leaders in mathematics, science and technology. When we are the top earners, we will have the money to fund any and all projects which our people need and defend ourselves from outsiders.

Every White man in the world should review these three goals. If they are contributing nothing to any of these aims, they need some serious self-reflection. Just because you claim a belief doesn’t mean you’re of any use to your people.

From now on, every White man in the world should be judged according to what, from now on, should be entitled the “Three Fold Path” as outlined above.

If you know a White man who does not contribute either time or money to a cause, you should not consider him a friend, no matter what his beliefs may be.