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Revilo Oliver — After 50 Years – National Youth Alliance – 1969


Hail National Socialist Straight Edge! ns sXe

Russian comrades attend beer fest in order to pursuade youth against drunkenness and indolence.

Russian comrades firebomb marijuana dispensary.

Belarussian fight training, jump training and hard body endurance training.

Long live the Terror Edge!

Death to the dealers and alcohol pushers!

Glory to our Russian and Belarussian straight edge comrades and sXe comrades from around the globe!

White pride worldwide!

White Power Straight Edge NS sXe Terror Edge

March 23, 2013 3 comments

A year or so ago, I wrote an article describing the White Power straight edge movement. Here are a few videos. It seems to have really taken off in Russia.

We salute the Russian Terror Edge comrades! The last video is a Belarussian straight edge folk metal White Power band.

The terror edge represents the best among the Skinhead subculture. They have moved up the first rung of the knowledge pyramid from alcohol to sports. We would like to encourage this movement and to urge the best among these young men to move up the pyramid on the right side bar of our website until they reach the top. There they will find true power.

I would also like to remind our readers that the KKK in the US gained its greatest strength while enforcing prohibition in the 1920s.

I hope that the ns sXe movement grows and eventually expels alcohol from the Skinhead subculture completely.

Death to dealers and alcohol pushers!

Long live the Terror Edge!

Bipolar World

November 17, 2011 8 comments

Former neocon thinktanker John Hulsman is one of the only realistic voices on the right wing. He is not a Jew and broke with the Jeocons over their disastrous escapades in the middle east. He is second only in honesty and courage to Michael Scheuer among system entrenched conservatives. This could at once be taken as mild admiration and damnation by faint praise.

Why do I bring up this insignificant policy man? He gives me a good jumping off point. There are not many people on the left or right who can be taken seriously. The left would advocate that nuclear arms sharing is good for us. It is after all “unfair” for us to have nuclear weapons while every other banana republic around the world is denied their right to the same. My god! Could any line of argumentation be more insane? Then the right, firmly in the hands of the Jew, simply have no credibility. They know nothing but lies. Who can listen to a word they say? The paleos are so trapped in American nostalgia that you can’t have a serious conversation with them. They seem to think that all of our problems will magically go away with enough prayer, and agrarian constitutionalism.

Hulsman has a moderate brain on his shoulders. However I don’t like the message. He claims that America must become used to a multipolar world. This new world is one where America can no longer call the shots irrespective of the views of the rest of the world. In this world we need to be an equal player with several large power brokers in the world.

I don’t think the world works that way. I think that the weak share. The strong rule. When we become too weak to rule, it is then that we will begin sharing. That will happen any way. His points are valid. We will of course not be able to control all of the resources of the world. White racist Americans never wanted to in the first place. It is the Jews who have driven our expansionist foreign policy.

We never wanted to fight Germany. The Jews tricked us into those wars. The Jews also tricked us into these incursions into the middle east. I have no problem with our escapades in central America. Not all meddling is bad. If it is to bring resources into our country I think that it’s justified.

I’m no neocon. I don’t believe that we can or should rule the world. However, I don’t think that we should settle for backing down to let other super powers emerge. Let’s face it, greed and empire are not uniquely American. If we back down, others will be in the drivers seat. I’m thinking of China in particular, but Russia and Europe may want parity at first, but over time, may just want to be the next America. That seems to be human nature.

I don’t want either. I don’t want to be replaced, nor do I want to rule single handedly. I think that we need an entirely new paradygm. We need a White bloc! Russia, the EU and the US should form one Aryan World Council. We should rule equally, bear equal burden, and share out equal reward. It is the White man’s only hope of avoiding destruction by way of fratricidal competition, or being eventually subjugated by China. I know it’s an unrealistic idea under the Jewish democracies under which we now live. We must destroy our respective governments and form our own council. In fact, we should not wait to be in power. We should form such a council now to prepare for the turbulent future ahead.

We are each too large and strong to defeat one another. We must not allow nationalists to pull us into any such disastrous wars, or even stand offs. Let us all thank the stars that we survived the cold war.

In fact, it is even possible to join the entire Aryan world geographically into one enormous, contiguous super state beginning Europe, extending up through Russia all the way to Alaska, down through Canada and including the USA.  One giant empire of White men never again to be set against one another but united to dominate the world and preserve our race.

Of course Australia and New Zealand would also be part of such a super-state.

If you are in contact with White leaders anywhere in the World, pass them this message so that they might consider this proposal.

Forget the Pax Americana and forget multipolarism. Let us create a bipolar world; Aryan vs Han. Together we can govern the world. United we will stand. Divided we will fall. We cannot wait for Capitalist Democratic governments to choose our path. These Jews and White race traitors will lead us to ruin. We must find our own way and begin our struggle.

I propose the following three people lead, based on decades of self sacrifice, radical roots, and successes in support of White interests:

1.) Russia – Dmitry Demushkin
2.) Europe – Nick Griffin
3.) America – David Duke

Please make sure that these three men are made aware of this article. Encourage these men to cooperate and communicate.

No More Brothers’ War!

Death to Nationalism!

White Pride World Wide!

A Step Up the “Knowledge Pyramid”

October 23, 2011 6 comments

England has had many youth cultural movements (called “youth cults”) among its working class. In the late 1960s the Skinheads came about as working class gangs of White kids, sometimes very young. These kids intermingled with the Jamaican immigrants in London, and were influenced by the Ska music and “rude boy” (Jamaican street thug) image.

As the “Mod” style came about (as portrayed in the Who movie “Quadrophenia”) Skinheads began listening to rock music.

By this time in New York another movement was beginning. At the most edgy extreme of Rock music there were bands like the New York Dolls and the Ramones. The Ramones, in particular, with their straightforward simple power chord brand of Rock began to be dubbed “Punk Rock”. This kind of music became wildly influential among English musicians. The Sex Pistols, being the most notable, became synonymous with the new genre as a result of their massive international success.

In England the Punk scene imitated the flashy, showy, fashion conscious style of the Sex Pistols. In America, a more stayed, grungy, street style was the norm after the fashion of the Ramones.

In the 1980s a group of Black musicians from Washington DC who had some musical training formed a Punk band. They were inspired by a self help book to start a band with a positive message. This group called themselves the Bad Brains.

Given that they had been Jazz musicians and not just do it yourself teenagers, they played the simple punk music at an entirely new level. The speed and energy and technical proficiency blew people out of the water. This new style was dubbed “Hard Core Punk”.

Hard Core blew up in DC and all over the East Coast, eventually spreading across the continent. The young White fans of the Bad Brains began starting their own bands and others became just as good.

One of these new HC bands was called Minor Threat. In one song, the singer Ian MacKay described his personal lifestyle. He was part of no movement. It was just a song. In it he declared that he didn’t drink or do drugs or smoke or have recreational sex and described himself has having a “Straight Edge”.

This meme took off among a certain segment of the HC fans of Minor Threat, particularly on the East Coast. The “Straight Edge” scene was born. Over the next decade a ton of Straight Edge bands were formed. They eventually stopped allowing alcohol to be sold at their shows. Even Straight Edge gangs were formed that brutalized people that were caught drinking or doing drugs.

Meanwhile, in the 1980s the Skinheads in England had invented their own style of Punk music called “Oi!”. This scene had started to attract the National Front as a potential recruitment pool. Though not an Oi! band, a Skinhead Rock band called Skrewdriver joined the National Front and took on its message as its own.

Another meme was created and the Skinhead scene went quickly global as Skrewdriver spread a message of White Power to millions of teenagers across Europe and the US.

Why am I giving you all of this disparate music history?

As a young Skinhead, I became racially conscious as a result of Skrewdriver and their affiliated bands. That led to becoming an activist and reading and becoming well educated about race. After 20 years or so, I really had no need to check in on the movement too often as they were mostly interested in teaching the masses and I was already steeped in the message.

However, every few years, I check youtube, to see which direction it’s taking and get updated.

A few years ago, I noticed something rather odd and uplifting. I noticed that there were now a couple of White Power Straight Edge bands. I thought it was a wonderful idea. However, I’d been around Skinheads for far too long to ever consider the idea that Skinheads would seriously give up alcoholism. Alcoholism is a foundational load bearing pillar of the Skinhead movement. I could see them more readily giving up their race, before giving up alcohol. So, I took note of this anomaly and moved on.

Well, a few days ago I looked in on our Straight Edge Nazi friends and was blown away. It has exploded! The Skinheads are giving up alcohol! It is a huge and growing movement. This may be a sign of the end of the world. One could reasonably expect to see lions laying down with lambs and pigs flying at this point. At this point all things are possible.

This movement is international. Their music is called NSHC (National Socialist Hard Core), or Hatecore, or H8 Core. This Straight Edge movement has abandoned European style Oi! Music and traditional Skinhead attire In favor of American style Hardcore music and dress.

I am so proud of the Skinheads who have embraced this positive quantum leap from the bottom rung of the “Knowledge Pyramid” to the next higher level. (See the post entitled “Going From Math Illiterate to Math Whiz in No Time Flat” for a description of the “Knowledge Pyramid”.)

This movement goes under the names “NS Straight Edge”, “Hate Edge”, “H8 Edge” and “Terror Edge”. Some are even Vegan!

They have adopted a couple of other memes which I support.

1.) They, by and large, are no longer flying national flags, but universally pro-White flags.

2.) They have adopted an anti-Capitalist stance.

Also, as demonstrated by the Knowledge Pyramid, music is playing less of a primary role in the scene. The latest Terror Edge Festival in Greece emphasized sport more than music, particularly MMA.

While this would be a modest step, perhaps even inconsequential for most of our readers it is a massive improvement for the Skinheads.

I dare to hope that they’ll continue to climb the pyramid before time catches up to them.

Skinheads are growing up!

How a Few Can Change the Course of History

September 6, 2011 12 comments

As of today, there is no viable movement for the future of the White race. The White movement today is divided roughly into two equally ineffective camps, the ignorant beer swiller and the selfish and effete egg-head. Either could solve our problems, but both lack the will. The beer swiller is too preoccupied with having a good time and doesn’t want personal risk. The egg head doesn’t even want change, really. He is so comfortable that he doesn’t want to rock the boat too much. He just likes to read interesting journals.

Our goal is not to continue recruiting more of these useless people either with rock concerts or more IQ and race articles. Our goal must be to create an entirely autonomous movement from scratch.

What every movement needs more than anything else is money. The beer swiller has none to give. The egg head will not let any go.

For this reason, we must breed an entirely new kind of activist; a rare kind of activist. Because this new breed will be, by its very demands, a rare breed, we must have a movement which does not demand more than a few members to achieve total victory. Sounds impossible? Not hardly!

I propose that we scrap the existing racial movement all together. A few disciplined and self-sacrificing activists will achieve victory alone. The plan demands that only a few activists dedicate themselves to the cause for approximately 10-20 years.

These activists must dedicate themselves to taking the highest paid jobs in the country. Right now the average Spinal Surgeon in the US earns $600,000 dollars per year; above average can be in the millions. One such earner could finance an entire movement if he was dedicated to the cause instead of himself. In fact, he could fund the creation of entire communities and still live like a king himself.

If such a one were willing to spend ten years studying to gain such employment and then invest several million to set up a community and a school, he could create more such people and within a couple of generations there would be many such people and untold millions of dollars at our disposal. Even if most of them become greedy and selfish as often happens with the moneyed class, there would still be a few who would remain loyal. It would only require a few to fund any projects we need and victory would be ours. We would soon be able to out spend the Jews. Soon thereafter, the mass of White funds would come to us as it would be far more natural for White people to side with us than with the Jews as they do today through fear.

So, White man, there are already people following this plan. Take the personal pledge, no matter your age. Do it yourself. Raise your children toward the same goal. Encourage your friends to do the same. If you agree with this post, please take the time to read my other posts. If you find any that you agree with, please pass them along to others so that these ideas get to the right people, who may not know of this site.

If you are a professional already, and have a conscience, stop hoarding and make sure you’re donating to a group regularly, not a journal or political party, but someone who’s building White homogeneous community right now! We’ve had enough of theoretical ideas. We need concrete results on the ground.

I recommend the following two groups, and only the following two groups, for very specific reasons:

1.) The PLE at Kalispell, Montana because they have actually moved people to the pacific northwest. They need and deserve your financial support.

2.) The Nationalist Coalition You should only donate specifically to their White student scholarship. Make sure that your money goes to fund this specific project. This is the only organisation that is trying to better our race through encouraging education for our youth.

If you are in contact with either of these groups, encourage them to join forces. What needs to happen is an educated community in the pacific northwest. If these two groups worked in cooperation great things could happen.

Eventually we could fund the education of proven, self-sacrificing activists and require in return a certain number of years service upon graduation to pay the movement back for its investment. This is the same policy practised today by labor union apprenticeships.

In this age of repression against our ideas, the high-profile movements are a drain of resources and a liability. Whoring for the cameras, marching, flyer distributions, running for office, and all of the other wasteful publicity stunts, only alert our powerful enemies to our existence and our actions in order that they might suppress us. Also, by recruiting 10 worthless members for every one that will actually contribute work, you flood your group with liability. A criminal among you will cause your group to be shut down, and an informant among you can do the same. None of what I propose requires any publicity whatsoever, just hard work.

Stop allowing your money to be frittered away on vain election campaigns or repetitive journal articles. Do something lasting and productive.

Racial Socialism – A Path for a New Age

September 1, 2011 25 comments

When deciding upon a political ideology, everything must be on the table. In times of crisis, there should be no sacred cows. There is no sacred scroll which states that the racist movement should be aligned with right wing or conservative interests. In fact, I will attempt to point out that this is a mistake on the part of the vast majority of White men.

When we look back at history, we like to fancy ourselves as the nobility of the past. We fancy our noble ancestors riding on their gallant steeds in their shiny and glorious armor. In our reverie we ask “Why cant we return to those glorious days when our honored forefathers rode with sword in hand?”

The problem is that this view of history is absolutely ridiculous. The vast majority of White men were peasants. These people were in some form owned by a few wealthy landowners. If a White man wants to dream about the middle ages, he should fondly remember his smelly toothless ancestors toiling the fields under the watchful eye of armed knights, who, like the clergy of the time, did not earn their status but were born into a strong family. Try to imagine a George W Bush in a monk’s robe or clad in metal.

Of course, it was believed by the wealthy landowners that peasants were of lesser stock. That would be a helpful attitude if you wanted to own them and pass them along to your children. In fact, the lord was considered so far superior to his underlings that in the King James version of the bible they bestow the title upon their god.

So, is it true? Are we all of such low stock? If the nobility were so genetically superior to us, why could they not figure a way to subdue us? Today we see many examples of industrious, disciplined giants whose children just don’t measure up. By contrast, we also see many children of humble parents rise up to become giants of industry. Are we to believe that with competition barred by divine right that the temptation for sloth wouldn’t be all the greater?

Well, jumping ahead a bit, we arrived at the enlightenment. By then the invention of the printing press had made it possible for the poor to become a little bit closer to literacy. The discovery of lots of new land in the Americas allowed for more living space, and thus more options, for the hordes of Europe. Trade was beginning to make humbly born merchants more powerful than the landlords. The anti-royal and anti-papal movements that were by now widespread in England continued with vigor in the Americas, and culminated in the American revolution (not without a fair amount of support in England, it should be noted).

The American revolution was as much a Masonic revolution as the Russian revolution was a Communist one. There were plenty of Masons in England and France cheering it on. So, it was not only a war of independence, but an ideological war that stood against the idea of noble birth. The real story here is that it worked. The sons of peasants were, in fact, superior to the nobility. They defeated the nobility in battle, but that’s not all. The sons of the low born brought a surge in invention. It was not long after the revolutions of America and France that the industrial revolution took place with all of the invention that made it possible. America became a vast empire, as did France under Napoleon.

The Czar of Russia was a last hold out. Eventually change would come. Unfortunate, though it was, that the Jews had so much to gain from dismantling the old order and led the Bolsheviks to power, the change had to and would have come eventually with or without them. It was the inevitable result of industrialization. The Russian folk would not remain lowly submissive peasants forever. The Czar’s absurd family itself shows the fallacy of noble superiority. If that wasn’t enough, the growth of a Soviet empire and the explosion of scientific and mathematical creativity exhibited by the soviets should lay the notion to waste.

Despite the brutality displayed by the Bolsheviks, once the transition was complete, they at least showed that deploying money and resources into the peasantry could create a highly educated and creative race, one that could rival, and at times surpass, those of the traditional west.

If the reader will agree that birth does not make a man superior within the White race, then one must consider the implications of supporting the rich and their interests in the White world today.

I am not opposed to “multiculturalism”, but multiracism. A variety of Aryan cultures is welcome in my opinion. We should keep our terminology straight and accurate, and not use cowardly and misleading euphemisms. These types of confusing terms lead us to supporting White on White ethnic disputes which slaughter White children.

So, getting our terminology straight, and using my own nation’s history, let’s examine who got us into the multi-racial mess in the first place. Was it the left and the working class? I think not. The first massive integration project in America was caused by the wealthy landowners, who did not want to pay Aryan workers. They brought millions of niggers from Africa into our land, knowing full well what the eventual results would mean for our race. Why did they do it? For a profit and nothing else.

Fast forward 100 years or so. Another enormous wave of non-Whites was brought in by rich capitalist railroad owners, over the objections of the White working class and, in particular, the left. The Chinese laborers were brought into our country to lower the wages and safety provisions for the workers. The California Irishman Dennis Kearney began the Workingman’s Party to defend White men from the Chinese. Much of San Francisco is named after this great White man and champion of the workers. The famed California author and devoted Marxist, Jack London wrote stories against the Jews and a genocidal story about exterminating the Chinese using biological warfare.

I cannot find one instance of non-Whites being brought in to the US by the left or by the labor unions. In fact, it was the policy of the AFL to not allow non-Whites membership. The AFL-CIO opposed immigration until very recently. It was Ronald Reagan, modern hero of the Republican Party and millions of conservatives, who signed a sweeping amnesty granting, with the stroke of a pen, millions of illegal Mexicans full citizenship to the United States. I cannot find any similar instance on the left.

Finally, being utterly broken by illegal immigration, did the AFL-CIO join the Democrats in endorsing illegal immigrants. This was only out of necessity, because the unions rely on the Democrats for jobs, and the democrats rely on the poor for votes. So, to lay the fault of multi-racism on the lap of the left is as cynical a move as it is absurd. It wasn’t the homes of the working class left that the Mexicans were cleaning! It wasn’t the children of the working class left that the Mexicans were babysitting! It wasn’t the factories of the working class left that the Mexicans were staffing! The right wing, in their slavish support for the rich capitalist have helped the rich absolutely destroy our nation!

That is not all. They support church power and rule by superstition, in a time when mankind has made the most incredible scientific discoveries and technological advancement. They stand in opposition to our lowering the populations of Africa by distributing contraception. They wish to de-fund the public schools, which are the only way to train the young of the working class. They would scrap federal scholarships for the young of the working class, keeping a higher education out of reach. They stand in firm opposition to any attempts at curbing the disastrous and potentially suicidal effects of global warming.

Our support of “nationalism”, even adopting it as our own moniker is constantly confused with petty ethnic massacres between Serbs, Bosnians and Croats, or Irish and English, and the number would increase tenfold if we continued to feed such mad rivalries which exist in many European nations. The world is a smaller place today. Our race could act in unison or we could begin a new cold war and arms race. We should be breathing an enormous sigh of relief that we were not all blown to hell as a result of the cold war. Now with Europe and the US both marginalizing Russia, and Europe’s desire for competition with the US, what kind of future will petty “nationalism” provide for us? Shall we force Russia into alliance with China and India? Shall Europe and the US begin cold war anew in place of Russia and the US? No, my brothers, “small government” and national fragmentation will not provide a happy future for our puny little race against the flood of the non-White world. We need powerful, White global government, which manages and protects our race for the common good.

I will not argue whether or not the behavior of the right are moral or immoral behaviors, only that they are utterly stupid behaviors. In the modern age, if we are to remain competitive, when education and intelligence are so much more necessary for a nation’s strength than ever before, we cannot afford to continue with an “every man for himself” attitude. The White race is like a rape victim lying prone and in utter bewilderment and shock as the capitalist, having laid waste to our nation, pulls up and takes his factories to the third world.

White man! We do not need “limited” government. In this age, we need a government to give a lifetime of technical education to every White child, and a top notch university education to all who display the ability, regardless of the economics of their birth. Consider the scum which you support in your filthy Republican party! There is now an historically vast gulf between the rich and poor. It is a dangerous gulf. Do you fight to support the very people who have consistently ravaged your land and betrayed you? Do not think that I advocate for the Democrats. They, as well as the Jewish led radical left, have a shameful history with regard to the “civil rights” movement and “feminism”. So, I advocate for neither side of the rotten status quo. I advocate revolution! Pull your time and money out of the political play pen and prepare yourselves to fight like men.

We have guillotined the nobility before in our history, and showed that it did not adversely affect our ability for creativity and national strength. The wealthy should consider their positions because it is not out of the question that we might not do it again!